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In my last post about my new favorite shampoo and conditioner, I discussed two wonderful products from Inova Professional that genuinely changed my hair and made it look and feel so soft, shiny, healthy and manageable.

I loved the products so much (and I really want everyone to get the chance to try them) that I emailed the company asking them if they would give the lovely readers of my blog a promo code so that they could receive a discount with their order of Inova Professional products.

Well, they responded to me and I am extremely excited to announce that they have very generously decided to give 30% off to those who use the promo code "BeautyBook" with their order. This promo code will be valid to use from 8/23-9/23.

Below is an example of the page you will see once you click on one of the products from their site, Just enter "BeautyBook" in the "Discount Codes" section and then click "Proceed to Checkout" to complete your order and receive 30% off!

An example of what your screen should look like when you type in the promo code 

I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do! =)

My new favorite shampoo & conditioner!

 Over the past few weeks, I have been using a new, wonderful and glorious shampoo and conditioner. No, seriously though... you could soak your hair in the fountain of youth or steal the secret hair nectar from the Greek godesses of Mount Olympus and still not get the same results as this hair care system. We all know that there are a multitude of hair care brands that slap stickers with empty promises and vows of hair "miracles" on the back of their bottles, only to miserably fail all expectations (and in turn ruin your childhood dream of turning into Rapunzel). However, Inova Professional* shampoo and conditioner provides a breath of fresh air for the hair care industry and consumers alike, as they actually live up to (and exceed) their promises of hair grandeur. 

Inova Professional Shampoo & Conditioner 

First off, the smell of these two products is really nice and invigorating. Scents in general are quite difficult to describe, but I would say that it smells sweet, clean, and floral (not like grandma's perfume, but a youthful florally scent). What's really great though is that the scent isn't overpowering and really subtle and feminine once your hair is dry. 

The packaging of these products is also nice and professional looking with their sleek silver/grey bottles (and cool cap on the shampoo!) but I think that they could jazz up the packaging a bit more by perhaps using a color instead of black for the brand name text or by using a more feminine (while still easy to read) font. They could really use that space to make the bottles look really different, and therefore distinguish themselves from other brands. That's just me though, haha. 

Both of these products have a really luxurious, spa like consistency and feel really creamy. The shampoo doesn't visibly lather much in the hair, but this usually shows that the product is healthier for your hair because it contains less of harmful chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils and nutrients. In fact, Inova Professional's products are sulfate free, so this is probably the reason why it is difficult to lather. The conditioner really penetrates deep into the hair and feels so soft and incredibly creamy.

My hair type: Before

 I have the type of hair that gets oily and greasy in the scalp area but dry on the ends. So, my hair will typically look more lifeless, dull and limp in the scalp area as the day wears on. Also, my hair is naturally wavy and so heat, rain (or sometimes even stress) will make it frizz out and lose its shape. 

My hair: frizzed out from the heat, greasy in the scalp area & with little shape

I was honestly a bit worried before I tried out these products because I thought that it might make my hair completely pin straight (which doesn't really suit me) like all of the women in their advertisements.

Inova Professional Hair model from advertisements

My hair: After

However, I was pleasantly surprised because my hair became so incredibly, soft, shiny and manageable without ruining the natural waves in my hair. In fact, it made the waves and curls in my hair look more smooth, controlled and styled looking. I quickly realized that it is the versatility of these products that makes them even more valuable. People with any type of hair can use these products. My hair actually has become so healthy that I can now manipulate it to be straight, wavy, curly...whatever but look shiny, healthy and styled. The products especially help you to achieve straight hair, however, because it has a Keratin complex which smoothes the hair out. I can now blow dry my hair straight in about .005 seconds if I want to, which was previously impossible to make remotely straight at all. I also noticed that my hair doesn't shed nearly as much and that I have much fewer split ends because my hair is much more nourished.

My hair (at the end of the day) after using Inova Professional products

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*Inova Professional sent me all the products listed above. All of my statements above are my own truthful opinions.