Nude Lipsticks To Try

Nude Lipsticks to Try I am actually one that loves to break out the nude lipsticks in colder months. Especially ones with warm brown, mauve or rose petal pink undertones. Straight flesh-colored, beige has never suited me with thin lips (want lip filler but I'm a baby) as it all but erases my mouth. Typically, colors like that don't look attractive on most skin and lip types since it tends to make the mouth look lifeless (think corpse bride). Having even a dash of color in the nude looks much rosier, healthier and attractive. 

These are a few of the nude lipsticks I have loved and used again and again for a long time...


If any nude screams fall, this one sure does. Its warm brown undertones look so flattering on all skin types. For a matte color this one is surprisingly creamy in texture and actually wears really comfortably on the lips. 


This is actually the creamiest, best smelling (think mango tropical paradise), most buttery-smooth feeling lipstick of all time. If I could justify the price tag, every single shade in the line would come home with me. The milky pink undertone is so feminine, light and simply beautiful. 


See that nude lipstick in the gold tube towards the bottom? Yea, the one that looks weirdly shaped? The sad one. But seriously, I have used this lipstick SO much and have bought tube after tube for myself and my family/friends. It just looks good on everyone. By good I mean do a double-take good. For a drugstore lipstick, this one is a must-have sort of find and I often choose it over my high-end lip products. It's creamy, comfortable, and a fantastic every day nude lipstick with pink undertones. 


This is a pretty good dupe for the Yves Saint Laurent shade I talked about earlier. It's reminiscent in its creaminess but has a glossier, more sheer finish (but with high pigment!) Like a lip balm, lipstick hybrid, I break this one out when my lips are chapped but I want some day-time appropriate color.  


Technically, I never use this lipstick by itself and more as a "topper" or overcoat as this one is just slightly too flesh-toned for me. I love to use it overtop a lipstick with a bit more color to lighten it or in the center of the lips to create the appearance of a poutier lip. I remember buying this one in Dallas from the flagship Makeup Forever store at the North Park Mall which is so beautiful. 



Tell me some of your holy-grail nude lipsticks! 

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L'Oreal Colour Riche Collection Privée Lipsticks | Review + Swatches

After a long absence from the majestical aisles of any drugstore, I finally stepped into my local Walgreens to refill on my favorite Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation. My eyes only glanced at the section next to me for a second when I spotted a display for the L'Oreal Collection Privee lipsticks. I have been patiently awaiting the spring U.S Release of these ever since I saw them featured on the blogs of my favorite European beauty gurus earlier this year. I snatched up two of the beauties from the collection to accompany me back to my humble abode. 
The collection features 6 nude colors which suit varying skin tones from light to dark. I honestly just chose the two that I thought were the prettiest so you don't have to follow the skin tone indications (you do you gurlll). Each lipstick is named for the beautiful celebrity that inspired the shade. These stars include Doutzen Kroes, Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Frieda Pinto and Liya Kebede. 
I am loving the sophisticated matte black packaging of these lipsticks paired with the classic gold tubes inside. I wish L'Oreal would ditch the old-lady packaging from their traditional lipstick line and opt for the sleeker design of these limited edition ones. My small worry concerning packaging is if the NARS-esque black material attracts more dirt and grime--but so far so good. Each lipstick runs for roughly $8.99 (CVS) to $5.97 (Walmart) depending on the drugstore. 
Julianne's Nude is a cool pinky-rose nude which was created to flatter fair skin types. It applies silky smooth and buttery but is definitely a more sheer wash of color compared to Eva's Nude below. This lipstick feels super hydrating and comfortable but doesn't provide the greatest wear concerning the longevity department. It reminds me of a lipstick and lip balm fused into one. 
Eva's Nude is a warm, earthy brown toned nude which was created to flatter medium, hispanic skin types like Eva Longoria. I love muted shades like these even on fairer skin tones like mine. It's a great, non-offensive color that I would wear in a working environment for a professional makeup look. Like Julianne's nude, this lipstick provides a lot of hydration and applies buttery smooth but with much more pigmentation. It seems to settle into the fine lines of my lips instead of laying over them like Julianne's Nude so I usually pair this one with a gloss as a remedy.