GOSH Cosmetics: small London haul (review & swatch)

          As I have been in London for quite a long time now, I have had the chance to explore and pop into many of the popular English drugstores (like Boots, Superdrug, etc.) and check out brands that are sold in the UK and Europe but not in America. As you can imagine, venturing out into new cosmetic territory is pretty darn thrilling for an enthusiast like me.

          One of the brands that I have always wanted to try is GOSH cosmetics because one of my all time favorite English makeup artists from Youtube, Wayne Goss (a.k.a gossmakeupartist), reviews this brand about every five seconds and he seems to really enjoy this brand a lot. When he mentions where you can buy these products at the end of his videos (*ahem...which happens to be only in the UK and Europe), I cry inside. But now I finally have had the chance to see and try out a few of the products from this brand and so now my cosmetic soul is happy. =p

Here are the two products that I bought from Superdrug:

GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Golden Moss and Velvet Touch Lipstick in Shocking Coral

GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliner in Golden Moss

GOSH Velvet touch eyeliner in Golden Moss is a deep forest green color and this line of eyeliners are waterproof and smudge-proof. 
Swatch of Golden Moss by GOSH 
The application of this eyeliner is creamy and the liner is soft and easy to apply. It doesn't pull or tug in an uncomfortable way and this is really nice for sensitive eyes. However, I found that I have to apply at least two layers to get the true, deep color of the liner. One layer is nice though if you want a softer, lighter look. I like to apply this along the lash-line and then smudge it out a bit or apply it with a green/brown smoky eye for the night.

This eyeliner does last throughout the day but I find that it does seem to look a bit softer in intensity by the end of the day. Although this liner is pretty much smudge proof throughout the day, it does blend out/smudge out nicely and easily if you choose to do so right after you apply. After a few more minutes, the liner will set and then it wont be going anywhere.

The packaging of this eyeliner is a long black pencil with a tip that indicates the color of the liner. For a drugstore brand liner, it looks really professional and sleek. It looks just like a MAC eyeliner. I was also really happy with the amount of product because the pencil is really long and so it looks like it will last a long time.

GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick in Shocking Coral

GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick in Shocking Coral is a beautiful bright coral color.

Swatch of Shocking Coral by GOSH
           Although this color is very pigmented and bright, you can choose to create a softer, feminine look by softly patting the product onto your lips and then smudging the product into the lips with your fingers. This makes the product look and behave more like a lip stain and lasts all day long. However, I find this product to be a bit drying so I would recommend applying a moisturizing lip balm before applying. 
            I also enjoy wearing this lipstick at night and so I apply it like a normal lipstick, creating a bold and bright lip. Bright lip colors are really trendy for this summer and so I really enjoy wearing it this way as well. You can wear a lipliner underneath to perfect the lines around your lips and make the lipstick last longer.
The packaging of this lipstick isn't too exciting, but again, like the eyeliner above, I am impressed with the sleek black packaging for a drug store brand. 

Other popular drugstore UK Cosmetic brands:
(pick/click your poison)

Have you ever tried any products exclusively sold in other countries? What did you think?