Nail of the Day: Blooboo by Model's Own

Today's NOTD is the color Blooboo by Model's Own. It is a bright, milky light-blue nail polish. I really like the color because it is soft and feminine like a more pastel color but is just as bright and eye-catching as a more neon color.

Blooboo by Model's Own

This nail polish is actually a really close dupe to the new super popular blue nail polish called Kutki from the new NARS summer "Thakoon" collection. What's great about this nail-polish is that it is a very similar color, but for a much cheaper and affordable price. (NARS kutki =$18 and Model's Own Blooboo = $8.29)

Blooboo by Model's Own
Kutki by NARS
I was very happy with the consistency of this nail polish because it took two coats to evenly coat the nail with color (normal for good nail polishes) and went on easily with the applicator. It wasn't splotchy, too thin, or too thick like most cheap nail polishes. 

Model's Own is a cheap, good quality nailpolish brand that is sold in the UK and usually retails for about 5 English pounds. The brand can be found in Boots, River Island and ASOS, but if buying from America you can order these online.

Find Model's Own nail polishes at these sites:
What is your favorite nail polish for the summer? =)