11 Must-Have Money & Time-Saving Apps for the Organized Mom

As a mommy-to-be on a budget, I have begun preparing my arsenal of apps to help me save both money and time. Whether it's grocery/clothes shopping, pumping gas, finding kid-friendly restaurants and activities or just plain old staying organized--these apps are helping me on my way to becoming a super mom (or I'll settle for just functional). In addition to these apps, I've been trying to save time and stay organized with other areas of my life such as my daily beauty routine and keeping a more organized vanity.
Even if you aren't pregnant, a mommy, or even close to thinking about raising a mini-you, these free apps are pretty much the bomb.com. I think liking to save money and time is a universal trait among us humans. Anyone and everyone can find something useful from this list.
1. Mommy Nearest- Great for on-the-go moms, Mommy Nearest helps you find kid-friendly restaurants with lists of the amenities they offer (kid's menus, high chairs etc.) and locates the closest bathrooms and changing table areas while you are out and about. You can also search for fun indoor and outdoor activities like the closest parks, gyms, arts & crafts, attractions and classes for your baby or child. Each location shows a map, how close you are, and ratings from other parents. The app also provides fun articles related to children and parenting that I like to read from time to time.
2. Wunderlist- If you love making lists, you will love this app. Wunderlist enables you to make separate to-do lists and keep them all in one organized place. You can set dates, notes and reminders for anything you list. I love the cute "ding" noise it makes when you check off a completed item. It's so satisfying. It helps me stay timely, organized and on track for each day.
3. Retailmenot- Retailmenot lists thousands of stores and the coupons they are offering for that day or week. You can search for specific stores you like and bookmark your favorite ones for quick access each time. I love to scroll through my favorite stores and save coupons I think might come in handy for the week. It will even remind you when the coupons you saved are about to expire!
4. Emeals- An incredible app for moms who never know what to make for dinner. You just choose a meal plan that's right for you and your family (like "classic meals" or "low fat") and the app will create a new meal plan for you every week. The app even takes into account how many family members you have and your preferred grocery store. It includes grocery lists and recipes for each meal and you can simply choose which meals you want to make. For example, I chose the "Simple Gourment" plan for two (soon to be three!) and one of my meal options was a Lemon-Grilled Salmon and Asparagus dish. Yum!
5. Cartwheel- I feel like almost every mommy (or pretty much women everywhere) has a fascination and love for Target. Cartwheel is an app that lets you search the products you love and save coupons. The coupons save to a barcode on the app. You simply scan the barcode at checkout and all those coupons will apply to your purchase! Better yet, the coupons can be stacked on top of any other coupons you might have and your Target REDcard discount.
6. Gas Buddy- This app locates the cheapest gas prices near you so that you can save big-time whenever you need to fill up. It also lets you report gas prices so you can help others find the cheapest gas and sends you rewards and points each time you help!
7. Weekly Ads and Sales- If you're an ultimate couponer and love to peruse catalogues and newspapers to snip out all the latest deals, you will love this app. It keeps a log of thousands of stores and the deals and coupons they are offering that day or week. Instead of wasting tons of paper and time, you can simply show coupons you find at checkout and presto! Money saved.
8. Flipp- Flipp saves the weekly/monthly flyers from thousands of stores. You can meander through the flyers on your phone and tap on the deals you like to save them to your clipboard. This enables you to quickly access the deals and coupons you found so you can present them at checkout.
9. Grocery IQ- This app lets you create grocery lists that you can easily view and check off as you shop. You can add your most commonly bought staples to your favorites list to find them easily each time and so that you never forget something when you grocery shop. When you are finished making a list, the app will let you know all the coupons/deals associated with each item or category so that you never miss on saving. There is even a scanning option in the app so you can scan the barcodes of each item you place in your cart. Once scanned, the app will inform you if there is a deal on that item. Better yet, you can send your lists to your boyfriend, husband, mom--whoever via email or text.
10. Checkout 51- Checkout 51 lists tons of products from different brands, categories and stores. When you go shopping, simply upload a picture of your receipt into the app and it will give you cash back on the items from your purchase that it has in its database! Each time you hit $20 dollars, the app will send you a check in the mail.
11. Ibotta- This app offers exclusive updated rebates from all kinds of stores including retail, grocery and even online shops. You can choose to unlock rebates/cash back options either in-store or when you get home by uploading a picture of your receipt to the app. You can search categories of items (like "ground beef" for example) and then see which stores are offering cash back for those items or you can search by store and see a complete list of all the items they are offering cash back for! You can receive your cash back by linking your Paypal or Venmo account to the app.
What are your favorite apps to stay organized and save time and money?