Maybelline The Nudes Palette | Review, Swatches + Eye Makeup Pictorial

The Maybelline Nudes Palette ($9.99) just hit shelves in local drugstores and I swear it's like the world stopped spinning. It seems like every beauty blogger, her mom and her cat are rushing to grab this palette. I mean, after all it really is the first of its kind in drugstore land. Besides NYX--which is only sold in Ulta and select Target stores--it's pretty difficult to find a large palette of nudes like this in your friendly neighborhood drugstore. With that said, I totally understand the hype. I snatched the last one on display at my closest Target and I felt like I had accomplished the most badass ninja makeup mission ever. "Mwuhahha betches! THIS PALETTE IS MINNEEE!!!!" (*dramatic echo...)
Maybelline The Nudes Palette | Review, Swatches + Eye Makeup Pictorial |
Now down to the knitty gritty. The palette features a range of 12 warm and cool neutral shades ranging from flesh tones to gold to black. This includes both matte and shimmery textures. I don't really understand the strategy behind the arrangement of the shadows but it does still look very attractive to the eye. I usually prefer palettes that are arranged from lightest to darkest or have shimmers grouped together and mattes grouped together (like the Lorac Pro Palette). I think this makes pairing looks together much easier and is a time-saver when getting ready in a rush.  
Maybelline The Nudes Palette | Review, Swatches + Eye Makeup Pictorial |
I have to admit that I am usually skeptical or skip out in general when it comes to Maybelline eyeshadows. They just have so many other show-stopping products and their eyeshadows usually aren't the star. I absolutely love their lipsticks and Eye Color Tatoos. They are both so pigmented and have great formulations. I raise my glass to Maybelline in that area. I thought that Maybelline might have reformulated their eyeshadows for this palette as an introduction (perhaps) to a new eyeshadow line. 


Maybelline The Nudes Palette | Review, Swatches + Eye Makeup Pictorial |
Left: Top row of eyeshadows in swatches. Right: Bottom row of eyeshadows in swatches.
I found out that this was not the case. I found that the pigmentation was just not there or very inconsistent for the majority of the shadows. For example, you will see from the above swatches that the first 3 colors on the top row barely showed up on my hand whereas the copper color was much more vibrant. 
The matte colors in particular are especially dry, powdery, and overall pretty difficult to blend. When applying them to the eye area, I noticed they went on patchy with heavier splotches of color where the brush first touched the skin. In my experience, shimmer eyeshadow shades in general are usually creamier but these surprised me because the shimmers were not much better than the mattes. Packing on the shimmer shadows proved to be slightly frustrating as it would leave mostly a wash of shimmer and chunky glitter with little pay-off or pigmentation of the actual color itself. I really hate to bash a product--especially from a brand I love and use all the time--but the quality just didn't do it for me with this palette. Like I said before, Maybelline offers so many great products in their line. The concept was definitely fabulous but for me, it didn't play out well as hoped. 

Maybelline The Nudes Palette | Review, Swatches + Eye Makeup Pictorial |

Overall, despite my several qualms and complaints about this palette, the eye makeup look I created below did turn out surprisingly pulled together in the end. However, there was too much effort put into blending and I had to pack on color over and over again to get a good result. 
If you are one of the many that rushed to grab this baby when it came out, I hope the tutorial below will help you to work with the shades in the palette and create your own looks. 

Eye Makeup Pictorial:

Maybelline The Nudes Palette | Review, Swatches + Eye Makeup Pictorial |
Start: Begin with a blank slate. Clean skin. No remnants of makeup from the night before. Nada. 
Step 2: Prep the eyelid with a primer. This will provide a base to lay the products over and hold on tight to your eye makeup so it doesn't budge. 
Step 3: Apply the mid-toned matte brown color (second space bottom row) into the crease area. Use a fluffy blending brush and windshield wiping motions to blend and spread the color out. 
Step 4: Use a flat eye brush to pack on the gold shimmery color (third space bottom row) all over the lid space just until you hit the crease. 
Step 5: Apply the cool dark brown shade (fourth space bottom row) in the outer corner making a sideways "V" in that area. The top of the "V" should reach just to the middle or outer third of the crease. 
Step 6: Apply the white highlight shade (first space top row) to the brow bone under the brow and next to the tear duct. This will create the illusion of a higher eyebrow arch and open up the eye area so it looks larger. 
Step 7: Press the black shade (sixth space bottom row) as close to the lash line as possible. This will create the look of smoked out eyeliner. Run whatever is left on the brush underneath the lower lash line. 
Finish: Apply your favorite set of false lashes. Wait for the glue to dry and then use mascara to bond the fake and real lashes together. Apply a coat of mascara to the lower lashes as well. 
Let me know your thoughts on this palette if you bought it! Do you have any favorite drugstore palettes that work great for you?

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