Valentine's Day Makeup, Hair & Outfit | Naked 3 Palette

Whether you salivate at the mere thought of Valentine's Day and all its Hallmark chocolatey lovey dovey goodness or are plotting the untimely death of cupid at your anti-Valentine's Day party, this makeup look, hair style and outfit inspiration is a great, girly and romantic look that is appropriate for all types of occasions.
I chose to do a soft, but romantic and sexy makeup look using the soft pink and grey hues from the new Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I paired the look with some soft, carefree curls that I created using a Conair curling iron and chose a floral, feminine outfit to complement the look. It was quite warm on the day I filmed but since it's cold in most of the U.S right now, I would recommend wearing some leggings or tights with a scarf and jacket with the outfit shown in the video. 
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Valentine's Day Makeup

This is an eye makeup look I created today that I thought would be suitable for Valentine's Day this coming Thursday. I used warm shades of pink, orange, cranberry, and a touch of brown to make the eyes appear romantic and flirty. I was inspired by the different shades that people blush when they are in love :)


Let me know if you would like to see more Valentine's Day makeup ideas! :)