How to: Long Lasting, Bleed-Proof Lipstick

Are you a lipstick lover but hate constantly reapplying it or worrying if it has smudged or gotten all over your teeth?
As a lipstick fanatic myself, I have learned some great, easy tricks of the trade that have worked really well. These little tricks will ensure that your lipstick stays cemented to your face all day (or night) long.

Steps for perfect, long lasting lipstick:

Step 1: Line your lips with lip-liner and fill them in

Not only does this perfect the outer corners and lines of your lips, but it gives your lipstick something to adhere to so that its not sliding around all over the place. The trick to this though is actually lightly filling in your lips with the lip liner as well. Lining the outer rim and filling the lips in will also give the appearance that your lips are slightly larger and poutier as well. Thank you makeup plastic surgery.

Line the outside of your lips with lipliner

Lightly fill in your lips with the same liner
Step 2: Apply one layer of lipstick, then blot with a tissue (repeat)

This step ensures that there is no excess lipstick on your lips and also presses the product deeper into all the little crevices of your lips so that it is nice and sealed in for the day/night. Therefore, the first layer you apply acts like a sort of stain and the second layer is to make your lips more pigmented and seal in the first layer.

Apply one layer of lipstick

Press your lips on a tissue to blot off excess lipstick, then repeat step 2 again
Step 3: Apply a tissue lightly over your lips and then powder your lips

Just like powder helps your foundation to stay on your face, powder also helps your lipstick to stay. However, you don't want your lipstick to look powdery so the tissue acts as a light, but porous barrier. Just enough powder will seep through the tissue so that your lipstick will stay longer.

Dip a face brush into translucent powder

Lightly cover mouth with a tissue and pat powder on top of lips
The finished look:

*NOTE*-A recent product that I found recently which could be used after or instead of step 3 is Lipcote. It comes in a small nail varnish looking bottle and once applied it seals in your lipstick. However, I just bought this product so I am still testing it to see if it really works well. I will do a review of this product once I have worn it more and gotten a better feel for it. However, prestigious magazines like Vogue have raved about it and a lot of celebrities say its their secret to long lasting, beautiful lips. 

What are your favorite lipsticks and how do you like to wear them?