Celebrity Beauty Icon: Blake Lively

So when I saw all of the recent pictures of "Gossip Girl" star, Blake Lively, at the premier of the new movie "Savages" in magazines and on the internet, my jaw dropped.

Yeah, right?!? Stunning. Not only does she look absolutely gorgeous, she looks elegant and classy. This picture is a perfect example of how women can look sophisticated and modest while at the same time looking perfectly sexy and attractive. So many celebrities (and girls in general) these days feel like they need to show off the booty and the boobies to be beautiful and to be noticed, so this elegant look is refreshing to see from such an influential celebrity. The bust line of the dress is beautiful and plunges downward without showing excessive amounts of cleavage and the dress hugs her at the hips and waist to show off her figure. The length of the dress with the small billowing train at the end is perfect and mermaid-like. It really adds a glamorous touch to the dress. Even the black lines working in patterns across the dress are strategically brilliant, as the black lines are closer together at the bust and work their way farther apart down the dress. This encourages the eyes to linger on the dress from top to bottom.

What I really admire about the whole look is that it is reminiscent of old hollywood glamour with the hair cascading off to one side in voluminous, wavy curls and classic Marilyn Monroe-esque makeup. The eyes are slightly winged out with black liquid liner and just a touch of brown eyeshadow in the crease to just look soft enough not to seem too overdone with the red lips.  
Blake's dress in the picture (shown above) is a dress by Zuhair Murad but if you want to get the look for your next big evening out without dropping wads of cash, you do have similar (and less expensive) options:
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