Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Nicole is one of those people. The type of person whose kind spirit fills a room with joy and spreads like wildfire. And although she is UBER-talented and could justifiably scream it from every Sound of Music mountain peak, she's humble too--just for the cherry on top. 

Nicole recently asked me to do makeup on her lovely model for her brand, Salty Treasures--a stellar women's fashion line with a specialty in graphic tees, unique handbags and one of a kind jewelry. I've mostly done makeup for formals, proms, weddings and other special occasions so a photoshoot for a fashion label got me pretty riled up.

For the makeup, I focused on creating a natural, yet still glamorous look to the model. I honed in on the colors of fall to make the look seasonally appropriate and bring a radiant warmth to her face. I used browns, golds and mauve shades to accomplish this. 

I am so impressed by the results of the photoshoot and the (also super talented) photographer, Stephanie Acar. She really brought the photos to life. I love how she really channelled the warm tones of the makeup into her shots and captured the model and fashion pieces in a natural-looking, non-pushy-advertised way. (Not a word but let's just roll with it). 

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

If you would like an in-depth makeup tutorial on this look on my YouTube Channel, comment below! If you would like to book me for any makeup service in the Jacksonville, FL area, checkout my list of services/pricing under the "contact" section of this blog. 

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A Makeover | Alison

Meet Alison. She came to stay with my husband and I to celebrate my recent baby shower and of course, we ended up doing a makeover in our spare time! When people ask us how long we've known eachother, we will just look at eachother and say "since womb." Our parents met while strolling us around a Chicago mall way back when Gymboree was still a hit. Our dads sat and bonded during the seemingly eternal wait outside the women's changing rooms for our moms--and the rest is history. 
For the makeover, we decided to focus on bringing added shape and arch to her brows, healthy glowing skin and overall, enhancing and bringing out her beautiful features. After the makeup, I styled her hair with wavy curls and added a finishing shine spray. 

The Products:

The How-To:

The Face- For Alison's face, I focused on giving her the appearance of the healthiest skin possible and used a great, buildable foundation that would mimic the appearance of real skin instead of heavy, caked on makeup. I contoured and highlighted her face to add dimension and slim her jaws and cheeks. Then, I mixed a warm plum and coral shade of blush together and applied them to the apples of the cheeks and swept upwards to her cheekbones. I used a shimmering highlight color directly on her cheekbones and a dash on the nose, lips and chin for that Victoria Secret glow. 
The Eyes- I plucked and shaped her eyebrows according to her natural arch and then filled them in with one of my favorite brow pencils. I primed her eyelid area and used windshield wiper motions to add a mid-toned brown color, "Cork" to her crease. I packed on a beautiful gold-brown shade, "Woodwinked" all over her lid and applied a golden-white highlight, "Nylon" near her tear ducts (sweeping inwards towards the Woodwinked color) and under the brow bone. I deepened up her outer corner creating a sideways "V" shape with a dark cool brown, "Embarked." For the final touch, I smudged a black kohl pencil along her lashline and a mossy green pencil on her lower lashline to bring out the green in her eyes. I topped it all off with some glamorous lashes! 
The Lips- I lined and filled her lips in with a muted nude-brown lipliner. In the center of the lips, I applied a gorgeous pinky-brown nude and a milky nude lipgloss for added dimension and shine. 

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A Makeover | Florica

I was so excited to have my friend Florica over to do makeup for her photo shoot. Florica teaches kindergarden students and was one of my lovely bridesmaids! We met when we were 11 years old at church choir during the age of Bratz Dolls and unfortunate hairstyles. Needless to say, we have been prancing around together ever since! For her photo shoot, we decided on channeling her inner vixen with really sleek, sexy smoked out eye makeup. For the cherry on the top, nude-pink lips and a beautiful highlight and contour were added to bring out a gorgeous, healthy glow.

The Products:

Neutrogena Oil Free Lotion
Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer
MAC Studio Fix Powder (NC42)
Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder
BH Cosmetics Camouflage Concealer Palette
MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in "Coffee Walnut" (Limited Edition)
Milani Baked Blush in "Red Vino"
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in "Opal"
Maybelline Define-A-Brow in "Dark Brown"
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Transparent Gel
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette
Ardell #105 Glamour Lashes
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in "Zero"
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes (Waterproof)
Jordana Lipliner in "Rock N' Rose"
MAC Lipstick in "Bombshell"
Khroma Lipgloss in "Natural Honey"
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

The How-To:

Face: I started off by moisturizing Florica's skin with an oil-free lotion and prepping it for foundation with a light, non-greasy primer so her makeup would hold during the shoot. I then contoured and highlighted her face with cream products to create a skin-like look and used a powder foundation on other areas of her face and blended everything in. To set the cream products, an HD translucent powder was used. I brushed the apples of her cheeks with a red vino color and swept up and away to blend with the rest of her contour. We added a gorgeous powder highlighter on the tops of her cheekbones and on her cupid's bow to create the illusion of higher cheekbones and a fuller lip.

Eyes: We started off the eye area by giving Florica nice, full brows that accentuated her arch. I primed her lids to ensure the eye makeup would not crease during the photo shoot and then applied a champagne color, "Glisten" all over the lid (from the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette). Two red-brown warm hues were mixed together in her crease to deepen the socket. Then, "Deep Plum" was applied to the outer corner and inner corner of the lid. I used my brush to balloon out the color and smoke it out for a sexy look. I used the two brown shades again to connect the two colors and blend them into the crease area for a beautiful transition into each corner of the eye. I highlighted under her brow bones and next to her tear ducts with the white "Vanilla" shade and added the yellow highlight, "Legend" as an extra little pop over the tear duct area as well. I cut down a pair of Ardell #105 Glamour lashes to fit her eye area and applied them with Duo Lash Adhesive. I loved these lashes on her--they really made her eyes look super flirty and sexy with their winged out shape.

Lips: Since we focused so much on the eyes, I wanted her lips to be a neutral, flesh color so that it would not take away from the rest of her face. I used a nude-brown color to line her lips and a stunning, hydrating nude-pink lipstick from MAC. To top off the lip cocktail, I applied a nude-brown gloss in the center of her lips for added light and dimension.

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A Makeover|Charlotte

Meet my beautiful baby sister (or baby seeeeeesster as I like to call her). She kindly came over yesterday to help move some last minute little things into my apartment and hangout and of course we ended up breaking out the makeup and playing! I decided to give her a full, fun makeover and teach her some little tricks of the trade. We decided on doing glamorous, Victoria's Secret inspired makeup--glowy, healthy bronzed skin and some va va voom eyes! 

The Products: 

Victoria Secret Radiant Glow Highlighting Powder 

The How-To: 

The Face: I prepped Charlotte’s skin with an oil free lotion great for sensitive skin and a primer to fill her pores and create a long-lasting base for her makeup. I chose MAC Face and Body Foundation because of its sheer, water-based buildable texture. I wanted to create the look of perfected skin while still letting her beautiful, natural freckles peek through. A thick concealer 2 shades lighter than her skin tone was placed under her eye area, the middle of the forehead, down the center of the nose and in the center of the skin to conceal dark circles and highlight the face for dimension. I used the darkest brown shades in the BH Cosmetics Concealer Palette to contour the hollows of her cheeks, temples, jawline and sides of the nose. I then set her face with a transluscent powder and brushed a rose-gold blush on the apples of her cheeks sweeping upward. I added a bit more depth to the contour by placing a powder bronzer over top. To add a glow to her cheekbones, I mixed a pink and champage colored highlighter together.
The Eyes: I filled Charlotte’s eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil with warm red undertones to suit her strawberry blonde hair coloring and primed her eyelids with my favorite MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I used a beautiful rose colored highlighter, Victoria Secret’s Radiant Rose all over the inner half of her lid space. I used the lightest egg-white shade, “Strange” from the Naked 3 Palette as a highlight under her brows and next to her tear ducts to open up the eye area. From the original Naked Palette, I used the gold color, “Half Baked” to cover the outer half of the lid space that was not covered. To add warm depth to the crease and on the bottom lash line, I used MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in “Uninterrupted” and blended it well. I used a cooler, dark brown from the original Naked Palette, “Hustle” in the outer corner of her eyes and then placed on a set of Ardell #109 Lashes. To cover the band and create a smoked out lash line effect, I pressed “Creep”, (a black shade from the original Naked Palette) as close to the lash as possible. Black mascara was then coated on the top and bottom lashes.
The Lips: Charlotte’s lips were outlined and filled in the corners with a mid-toned pink lipliner and filled with a nude-pink lipstick in the center to create dimension and the appearance of a fuller lip. A shimmery pink lipgloss was then coated on her lips to top it all off and to bring extra shine.

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Dancing in Blue | Blue Cheerleading Makeup

Today, I did makeup for a client who was participating in a dance/cheerleading event. The team's theme colors were blue and white and so I thought it would be fun to incorporate those colors into her look. I usually work with more neutral colors, so getting to throw some color in there was really exciting for me!
To ensure the longevity of her makeup while she danced, I made sure to use products with primers, setting powders and water-proof formulas. 
To create perfect, yet natural and glowing skin, I contoured and highlighted her face using liquid and cream products. Since I wanted the focus to be on the eyes, I used a lip-color that matched the natural pinky-mauve shade of her lips and mixed two blushes in order to achieve a similar flattering color. 

Products Used: 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Lotion
Smashbox Photo Finish Light 
MAC Face and Body Foundation in C3
MAC Sculpting Cream in "Coffee Walnut"
L'Oreal Dream Lumi Foundation in "Nut Brown"(for contouring)
MAC blush in "Desert Rose"
MAC blush in "Dainty"
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in Fair/Light
MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Setting Powder
MAC highlighter in "Lightscapade"
Maybelline Define-A-Brow in "Medium Brown"
Maybelline Eye Color Tattoo in "Waves of White"
Coastal Scents 252 Palette (assortment of blue colors)
White from The Balm Nude 'Tude Palette
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara 
Ardell #105 false lashes
MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer
MAC lipliner in "Beurre" 
MAC lipstick in "Mehr"

Modern-Day Cinderella

This past week I did the makeup for a very unique photo shoot. The photographer, and my friend, Karissa Jobman came up with the concept of a modern day Cinderella. This instantly sparked my interest and a number of makeup looks came to mind. 

At first the photographer and I were going to use multiple looks (one for the "slave" Cinderella and one for the princess Cinderella), and shoot over the course of several days. However, we realized that we both had too many time constraints and so I came up with the idea of a look that could transform and be very versatile. I found a way to make it not too prim and glamourous for a "slave" but not too dingy and dirty for a princess. 

I wanted to emphasize the model's eyes because they were one her best features. I made them look smokey and almost ashen as if she has been cleaning around a fire place. I used a dark fuchsia color on her lips to play up the regal side of Cinderella, but to also draw attention to the sadness she feels as the slave of her step family. 

Her dark eyebrows give her an editorial look that is great in photographs. To counteract the sharpness of her eyes and eyebrows, I used a light pinky plum color on her cheeks. I also used this to contour her face and to emphasize and lift her cheek bones. I started the blush on the back of her cheeks instead of using it on the apples of the cheeks. Also, by contouring her face with bronzer it brought definition and shape to her face. 

I had a lot of fun doing the makeup for this photo shoot. I got a chance to use my creative license to create a look that was a unique concept. The photos turned out great and I loved working with Brianna (the model) and Karrisa (the photographer). I hope to be able to collaborate with them again! 

Products Used:

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