DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Body Scrub

My ocean/mermaid themed baby shower made a splash over this past weekend (see what I did there?). Amidst all the preparations and frolicking, my crafty, inner mommy homemaker got the better of me and I decided to create some homemade, organic body scrubs to give out to the winners of each baby shower game. I thought it would tie-in well with the tropical/nautical sort of theme. I love to make these sort of gifts since they add a personal, thoughtful touch and is something the person can actually use regularly. Added bonus for me: they are super fun to make!
I adore body scrubs--especially in the summer time when the legs and arms finally come out to play after a long, pasty winter. They are the best way to scrub away dead skin cells and reveal the new, healthier skin underneath. Exfoliating the body two to three times a week will keep your skin looking more refreshed and silkier than ever.
The ingredients in this body scrub are not only easy to find but are so beneficial for the skin. It smells ahhmazing in the shower and just whisks me away to my own tropical paradise each time.

The Benefits of Each Ingredient:

Coconut oil- Coconut oil is super moisturizing and improves the lipid and moisture content in the skin. A lot of moisturizing products today contains a large amount of water and petroleum based ingredients that can suffocate and even dehydrate the skin further. Coconut oil actually provides the deep down moisture that skin needs to strengthen and improve its texture.
Lime Zest- Lime zest contains essential oils that have many health benefits. The oils found in lime zest tones the skin, tissues and muscles and can even prevent the signs of aging over time. Lime is packed with antioxidants and protects the skin from infection.
Sugar- A great and gentle natural exfoliator. Also super convenient as it wont clog your shower or bath drain!
Coconut Shavings- An extra boost of coconut and natural oils for the skin! (Also just makes this scrub smell that much more delicious)


One cup granulated sugar
One half cup coconut oil
Zest of one lime
Two tablespoons coconut shavings

Other tools you'll need:

One 16 oz. mason jar (mine is a wide-mouthed one from Target)
A bowl for mixing ingredients
A grater for zesting the lime
A measuring cup
A large spoon/spatula for mixing
A tablespoon


1.  Combine sugar, coconut oil, lime zest and coconut shavings into a mixing bowl.
2. Stir all ingredients together using a large spoon or spatula. You can add more coconut oil if you want an even gentler exfoliator (should look like a paste) or more sugar for a drier, coarser texture. Mix until desired consistency is reached.
3. After thoroughly mixed, use a spoon to scoop the finished product into your mason jar. As an added little touch, I sprinkled a dash of coconut shavings on top. It looks really cute and tropical when people first open the jar!

Directions for Use:

Apply to skin while in shower or bath. Massage onto wet skin to gently exfoliate any dry areas like the elbows, legs and arms. Use two to three times a week for beautiful, soft skin. Not for use on the facial area. Store at room temperature.
If you want to give some body scrubs away as cute gifts, I have provided the label and direction sheet I used below so that you can print and use them too. Once I printed them out, laminated and cut them, I used a hot glue gun to securely attach the label to the jar. Laminating the paper before applying will protect the label from ripping or falling apart in the shower. For the final touch, I punched a hole into the direction sheet and tied it to the jar with a pretty ribbon. 
Let me know if you recreate this organic coconut lime sugar body scrub and how you liked it!

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