Purple Concert/Club Makeup Tutorial!

The lights go down. The audience stirs and chatters excitedly as they patiently await the lead singer of their favorite band to return to the stage. A man casually pushes his way into the audience, then stops and turns to face a girl. He looks at her and flashes her a broad smile, a wink, and is gone. The girl stares confusedly into the audience. Suddenly, the audience roars. She looks up to see the mystery man now on stage. The lead singer of The Script, Danny. 

The girl was me. 

AAAHHHH! =) I have never been so close to a celebrity in my life so that was so exciting! Before I went, I decided to film a tutorial on the makeup I wore to the concert. This look is also great for a girls night out or dancing, as it will stand out in dark lighting. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and use it for your next fun night out! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!
Here are a few of my favorite songs from The Script!