What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag for Delivery Day

What to Pack in your Diaper Bag for Delivery Day | www.annemariemitchell.com

I have 11 more days until my due date. ELEVEN. What in the holy baby is my life. Now don't get me wrong-it's definitely seemed like 9 long months-I'm not one of those "oh em gee, where did the time go?!" types. All the same, it's insanity that my due date is actually dawning upon me in the next week and a half-ish. While I haven't reached the level of crazed nesting syndrome that drives pregnant women's eyes to bulge in a ferocious cleaning binge, I have been doing some much-needed baby prep. Like...step one...put together the all important diaper bag for delivery day.

I've tried to be as reasonable as possible in putting the bag together. I know every first-time mom freaks out and tends to overpack...and trust me, I'm freaking out. I've told myself that I'm just going to the hospital...not on a voyage to Narnia. I packed the things I thought I would need and not every bit and bob in between.

I'm packing a separate hospital overnight bag just for my husband and I-clothes, toiletries, etc.-to keep things organized. I want to be able to find things when I need them because I know I'll be an awesome cocktail of tired and frazzled after pushing out a mini-miracle. It helps that I LOVE the Pottery Barn diaper bag I got on my baby registry-it's the perfect size, has tons of pockets and looks chic too.

I strategized my diaper bag by separating all the items into categories to place in all the wonderful pockets and sections in my bag. I sorted the bag into the categories of feeding, changing and sleeping. Basically, the three baby needs.



Burping cloths- for burping the baby after she has feasted.

Nursing Butter- there is no non-awkward way of explaining this. Apparently sore nipples is a thing for some ladies after multiple feedings. This helps.

Nursing Pads- for leaks in the plumping after feeding the gremlin.

New-Born Bottle- I'm planning on breast-feeding, but this is just in case we have problems.


New Born Diapers- I heard most hospitals give you tons of these but I'm bringing some just in case. I got the ones with a magical strip on the front that changes colors to let you know when the baby has done her business. This might be obvious but since I'm a first-time clueless mom, it's much appreciated.

Baby Wipes- for wiping the cute baby booty after diaper changes and for cleaning random icky things in the hospital in my general area.

Butt Paste- to prevent diaper rash

Changing Pad- this came with my awesome Pottery Barn diaper bag. Probably won't need it for the hospital-since they are bound to have changing tables- but who knows.

2 baby outfits- Babies are pretty susceptible to the cold so I packed a cute outfit with long sleeves, footies and a little hat. I'm also packing a second outfit just in case the first gets dirty or if she gets too hot in the first outfit. Florida doesn't really cool off until winter...or have any season other than summer and spring so overheating may be a possibility.

Aveeno Lotion- just in case my little nugget has dry skin like me. Mommy can also use it as hand lotion. :)


Swaddling Cloths- to keep her all snuggly and comfortable while sleeping (and so she doesn't Jackie Chan herself in the face). Babies like to be wrapped up tight because they are so used to the confined area of the womb.

Baby Blanket- to put over baby in her carseat on the ride back home!


Aveeno Positively Radiant Facial Moisturizerone thing for mommy in baby's bag to whip out whenever needed for a pick-me-up for tired, dehydrated skin. Hospitals are dry places.

Baby's first doll/stuffed animal- my grandma knitted my baby her first doll so of course I have to bring it to the hospital to bestow upon her for the first time.

What to Pack in your Diaper Bag for Delivery Day | www.annemariemitchell.com

What to Pack in your Diaper Bag for Delivery Day | www.annemariemitchell.com

What did you pack in your diaper bag for the hospital that was really useful?