Products I've Used Up: Review

Over the past couple of months I've realized that all of my beauty product bottles and packages are turning up empty. I thought it would be best to let you guys know which ones are my favorite and which don't give me the best results. I tend to use them on a daily basis so I have a good idea of their quality and how well they work over a long period of time. 

First-Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream:
This product is the holy-grail of skin care. This is honestly the best skincare product I've ever used (and I've tried a lot of products). Don't be fooled by the fact that this cream is advertised for people with eczema. This cream is perfect for any form of dry skin problems; from mild to extreme. Within the first week, I started to notice how much better my skin looked and felt. My face used to be so dry that my foundation would actually peel and flake off throughout the day. This product didn't just help my dry skin, it cured it. Also, it feels amazing on the skin and is so thick and creamy without being too heavy. You can use it anywhere on your body with the same results. It's also great for windburn and sunburns because it feels so cooling, calming and protects the skin. Not only that, but I used this every day and it lasted me over a year. I will definitely be buying this product again and again. Till' death do us part.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips:
I used these strips every few weeks or so whenever I wanted to attempt to get rid of pesky blackheads that love to pop up on my nose and forehead. I say "attempt" because honestly, these did not work very well at all for me. The strips hardly removed any blackheads at all and I didn't notice much difference. Also, the strips are like cement once they dry and tighten uncomfortably around your skin. It feels kind of like a boa constrictor attached to your nose.

 Then, the process of actually removing the strips is PAINFUL! Quite a few times I have been afraid that I might even damage my skin. I even tried applying a baking soda paste prior to applying the strips hoping that it would help loosen up my pores and make the strips work better. This futile attempt to save my skin left me frustrated and in pain. I will definitely be trying out a different brand of pore strips next time

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation:
I wrote a detailed post about this product in a previous blog post, but now that I have used the entire product I can officially say for sure that this is my all time favorite foundation. I like this formula even better than the original (in the small bottles). Click here to read my full length review on this product.

Bioluxe Volumizing Shampoo and Polishing Conditioner:
 I'm not loyal to any particular brand of hair product. I usually end up buying a different brand of shampoo/conditioner every time I need a refill. When I went on my usual hunt at the drugstore I found this line of hair care and was immediately interested because I had never seen it before. The back of the bottle also made all the usual plethora of promises to do everything under the sun for your hair. However, after using this product for a while, I realized that it was nothing special. Yes, my hair didn't frizz out as much (as promised on the bottle) but at the end of the day my hair would resemble an oil slick. I also noticed that my hair lost a lot of its volume and would lay especially flat against my face and in the scalp area. This might have been due to the fact that I was mixing a volumizing shampoo with a polishing conditioner. Overall, this shampoo and conditioner got the job done though and cleaned my hair but I probably won't be repurchasing products from this line again. 
L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hair-Spray: 
There is a reason why this product has been dubbed best hairspray by InStyle Magazine for the past four years (see InStyle's review here). This is one of the only hair sprays that I have used that doesn't make my hair feel like a sticky mess. Plus, it has incredible hold and makes your hair look healthy and shiny. This has quickly become one of my staple hair products. 

Have you tried any of these products before?