Nail of the Day: "Evergreen" by Francesca's Boutique and "Sparkalicious" by L'Oreal

While perusing through local boutiques near my University the other day, I stumbled upon this jewel of a nail polish at Francesca's Boutique. Francesca's is a boutique that sells cute clothing, accessories, jewelry and a random assortment of odds and ends. 

 I picked this color up because I thought it would be perfect for the winter since it's a dark jewel toned green. I added some glitter to one of my nails to add a little glitz. I love these nails for the holiday season!

Left: "Evergreen" by Francesca's Boutique. Right: "Sparkalicious" by L'Oreal

The color of the green polish is really nice and opaque so you could choose to wear only one coat. However, I like to wear two coats of this (as shown above) to really deepen the color and to ensure that it wears longer and doesn't get patchy. My only complaint about this nail polish is that you have to go back and dip the applicator into the product often in order to get enough polish to coat your nails. 

The drying time of the green polish is pretty normal (from 5 to 8 minutes) whereas the glitter polish dries super quick (about 1 minute). 

Overall, I would say that the quality of the L'Oreal glitter polish is slightly better than the dark green polish, but I would still recommend both if you are looking for a glam Christmas-y look.