How to Rock a Bold Lip Color with Confidence

How to Rock a Bold Lip Color with Confidence |

Bold lip colors can be tricky. Frankly, it's often one of those you love it or you hate it sort of things because they are usually the more foreign and daunting in the lip department. I think that anyone can wear a bold, bright, rich, dark--you name it--lip color and make it look incredible. It's all about knowing the tips and tricks of how to wear it with confidence and style. That and knowing yourself, what you're comfortable with, and what fits your personality.

Fall is my favorite time of year to transition to these bolder colors, and I have a few tips I typically abide by to make the changeover less intimidating:

Wear it as a stain, gloss, or balm- If you feel yourself drawn to bright/bold lip colors but just don't like something so intense, a great option is to wear those same colors but in a stain, gloss, or balm formula. These will provide you with a wash of the bold colors you love, but without the heavy or overdone feeling of a lipstick. This is also a great way to slowly build yourself up to more daring, full coverage shades. I love the Revlon Lip Butters for a pretty balm formula and the NYX Butter Glosses for a sheer gloss. I haven't found any stains I'm particularly drawn to yet, so if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. 

Wear a brighter, richer or darker version of a color you already love- If you know you feel the most confident when wearing shades of pink or nudes, then simply go for a bold color within that same color palette. If you typically wear soft pinks, go for a louder, brighter pink. If you wear pale nudes, then take a chance with a darker, more earthy rich nude. You already know you love those types of shades so chances are you are more likely to be comfortable in a more intense version of that color. 

Live in it for a few hours- If you have never worn a bold lip color before or have little experience with what colors you like, bold lips can be really daunting. I recommend to try one on at a makeup counter and walk around in it for a few hours to see if bold is for you or not. It usually takes awhile to get used to anything new and unknown. After a few hours, you will be able to gauge more accurately how you feel instead of judging it right off the bat. If you think you might like the color but still aren't 100 percent, I would go ahead and buy a super cheap drugstore version (like the Wet n' Wild lipsticks) to wear around for a few days or weeks before splurging on something you might not end up liking. 

Pair it with a neutral eye- I personally believe there are zero rules when it comes to makeup (makeup is about expressing yourself and having fun after all!) BUT I do think that a bold lip looks especially wonderful when worn with a fairly neutral eye look. This means minimal eye makeup--maybe just a simple eyeliner and mascara--or sticking with neutral eyeshadow shades like browns and flesh-tones. This is a great idea so that your eyes and lips aren't competing with each other for the spotlight. 

Pair it with a lipliner- Some people love bold lip color but feel it's too much of a hassle because it might smear or bleed as the day wears on. You can keep your bold lip color looking fahhhbulousss all day long simply by lining your lips with lip liner and filling them in with the same liner. The liner will create a barrier that will make it difficult for the lipstick to pass through. Filling in your lips with the liner will give your lipstick a buddy to grab on to so that it can't slip and slide. You can check out an in depth tutorial on this in my blog post, How To: Long Lasting, Bleed-Proof Lipstick.

Know how to make it look great no matter your lip size/shape- A lot of people simply won't take on a daunting bold lip color because they feel their lips aren't the right size or shape. I'm telling you that you can make a bright/deep lip look fantastic--and that is regardless of whether your lips are plump as a Victoria's Secret Model or like two twigs drawn together. If you are self-conscious of large lips, I recommend first blanking them out with a foundation or concealer and then applying the lipstick just slightly before your natural lip line. This will fake the appearance of smaller lips and prevent them from looking overdone. If you have small lips you want to look larger, apply a lip liner either the same color or a shade or two darker than the lip color you plan to use on the outskirts of your lips. I recommend ever-so-slightly overdrawing them to create a new, fuller lip line. After that, you can completely fill in your lips with the liner and then apply your lipstick over the top. You can add an additional step and really add to the plumping action by then going in with a darker lip liner and filling just the outer corners of your lips. This will create the illusion of dimension and a fuller pout.   

How to Rock a Bold Lip Color with Confidence |

My final little nugget of advice is simply this: "haters gonna hate." If you absolutely love wearing a bright, bold lip color and others don't happen to dig it too, who cares? As long as you have fun wearing it, and you feel great in it, then who is to tell you that you shouldn't (unless it's your boss or your mom--you should probably listen to them...LOL). Bold lip colors are fun and can completely change the way you feel about yourself--I personally feel quite the vixen when I wear a rich red (like Lime Crime "Red Velvet") or purple color (like Buxom "Swinger"). So you GO Glenn Coco and do your thang gurl. :)

What are some of your own tips for wearing bold lips?