Nail of the Day: Essie 5th Avenue

I finally got off my lazy butt this past weekend to get a much needed new gel set. (I had been walking around with every single nail broken for the past week!). I got my usual almond nails but this time with a beautiful fire-engine red color, 5th Avenue by Essie. For some extra fun "bling", I added a chunky glitter polish, Red by Milani (one of their Jewel FX colors). 
I have really been loving 5th Avenue so far. It's deep and rich but still very bright and summery and has lovely orange-red undertones. Just like every Essie nail polish I have tried, the consistency of this polish  was smooth and easy to apply. 
Let me know what Essie nail polishes you love so that I can try it! :)

Nail of the Day: OPI Pink Flamenco (& Easy Trick To Keep Nail Polish Shiny!)

I am finally back to blogging after taking a much needed break to visit with my family and friends in Florida, some relaxation on the beach (after some stressful exams!), workout and overall concentrate on health and happiness. I also have been quite busy lately with a new summer internship and recently did the makeup for a bride and her huge bridal party! That being said, I definitely have missed blogging the past couple weeks and can't believe I let so much time slip by! 
I decided to do a NOTD showing the gel nails I got done over this past weekend (I had been lazy about  getting those filled too--pretty much I have been just an all around FAIL for this past month haha). 
I decided to take a break from my usual stiletto nail/almond nail shape and instead go with a shape that was a bit more rounded and natural. I will probably go back to my old beloved stiletto nails, but its nice to switch it up from time to time.
"Pink Flamenco" by OPI
The color I chose was a beautiful deep magenta color called "Pink Flamenco" by OPI. I had previously been sporting some summery brights and neons but I wanted a color that would look a bit more professional for the internship that I am currently doing at an advertising agency in downtown Dallas. 

I also chose a gel nail polish so that I wouldn't have to worry about doing touch-ups throughout the weeks ahead before my next fill. Gel nail polish is great if you are constantly doing things with your hands that could dull or chip the polish (i.e typing, washing dishes). 
Trick for Shiny, Beautiful Nail polish: 
While at the nail salon, the kind lady doing my nails gave me an awesome and super easy tip to keep your nail-polish bright and shiny without adding extra topcoat. She said that simply wiping each fingernail with rubbing alcohol will instantly make your polish shining like new. A lot of you might have already known this little trick, but it was definitely new to me!

Keep on the lookout for a new summer beauty video which will be up tomorrow! In the meantime, you can watch my previous videos on my Youtube Channel

Nail of the Day: Orly Fancy Fuchsia

Today's NOTD is a color that would make Barbie proud. 
I first fell in love with "Fancy Fuchsia" by Orly ($8.50) when I saw it being sported by the fabulous Nicole Guerriero (a Youtube beauty guru I'm kinda obsessed with #creeper) and I had to snatch it up the first chance I got. This color is definitely a stand out bright fuchsia pink for this Spring.

 This has to be one of the most unique bright pink colors I have ever come across. It's not quite vibrant enough to be considered neon pink and not so deep as to come across a true magenta or fuchsia color. This polish would be beautiful against any skin tone and is a stunning statement color. 
I have yet to be disappointed by Orly nail polishes. The formulation always goes on smoothly with easy  application and this polish is no exception. It is wonderfully pigmented and wears beautifully against the wear and tear of everyday and chipping (4-5 days). 

 I can't wait to wear this polish for tomorrow's Easter Brunch with my friends. I might pair the polish with a pretty white dress and a pair of equally bright, stand out heels. 

Nail Trend: Almond Nails

While flipping through some of my favorite magazines, I noticed that some of my favorite celebrities have adopted a new nail shape for their pretty little claws. 
My infatuation with almond shaped nails has been slowly growing ever since I saw them sported on the gorgeous vixens of the hit show Mad Men. As a long time devotee to the traditional (shorter) square- shaped French gel set at the local nail salon, I was really a little scared of this new, stand out trend. 
The gorgeous women of Mad Men
Then suddenly, a light at the end of the nail-file tunnel. 
Rihanna, my favorite celebrity and fashion/beauty trend icon, decided to don these sexy, elongated nails (and absolutely ROCK it if I do say so myself). I saw how incredibly stunning she looked with these and decided to shed out of my old french manicure cocoon and fly into the stiletto nail trend. 
Rihanna with stiletto nails
Well, ok...I lied. I was still a little nervous about stiletto nails so I decided to have them shaped slightly more rounded and natural. I took the picture below of Blake Lively's more almond shaped nails to the  salon and asked to have them shaped exactly like hers (but slightly shorter).
Blake Lively with almond nails
Since the nail gods did not bless me with the fantabulous strong, long natural nails I crave, I decided to get an acrylic gel nail set applied. I got a pretty mauvy-nude pink, Puerto Vallarta Violetta (similar) by OPI applied on the top and a fire-engine red applied to the bottom inside tips of the nails for a Louboutin look.  
My finished almond nails at the salon 

After having them on for a week or so, I have really grown fond of them and plan to keep my talons this shape for quite some time.

Nail of the Day: "Play Date" by Essie

Although we have quite awhile until the Easter Bunny comes, I couldn't resist this bright, playful lilac purple color when I made my recent raid at the drugstore. The name of this gorgeous color, "Play Date" from Essie's "Go Overboard" collection, perfectly describes its light and sprightly appearance on the nails. Its unique and fun color makes me dream of wearing sundresses and sipping lemonade in the warmer months ahead. 

 Essie is my favorite nail polish brand for a reason. The formula is always so smooth, pigmented and easy to apply. It's no wonder why these are the only drugstore brand nail polishes I ever see on the racks of nail salons. This color is no exception and Essie has once again impressed me. 

This is actually the shade that I plan on wearing for this Valentine's Day. It's romantic and flirty lilac shade is a nice change from the usual cliche pinks and reds. I think it would be so cute to tie bows around the necks of the polishes and put them in mini Valentines Day gift baskets for girlfriends. 

Nail of the Day: Tomorrow Never Dies by OPI

Today's NOTD is Tomorrow Never Dies from the new 2012 Holiday Skyfall Collection! This is just one of 12 nail polishes that OPI created with Sony to celebrate 50 years of James Bond 007 movies. I absolutely love the names of the nail polishes because they are all titled after the movies. I thought it was so creative that even the colors of the nail polishes reflect the mood of each movie. For example, Moonraker is a beautiful silver/grey  color whereas Die Another Day is a bright red with orange undertones. 
2 coats of Tomorrow Never Dies by OPI 

Die Another Day is a deep, true royal purple color that dries to a satin finish. If you look very close, it has the slightest pink shimmer in it that catches so beautifully in the light.

 I am really impressed with the formulation of this nail-polish. It dries quickly and is really easy to apply (even on my short nails). With two coats, it is wonderfully opaque and rich. Even though it seems to be a pretty standard color, it definitely looks classy and unique once applied. I have actually received a lot of compliments wearing this! Also, it's a great color for this winter since jewel-toned nail polishes have been so popular recently.

Die Another Day and the other 11 polishes in this collection are limited edition colors that will only be available this winter. I have had my eye on Casino Royale and GoldenEye so I might just be returning to Ulta to buy some more before they sell out! 

What would you buy from this collection?

Nail of the Day: "Evergreen" by Francesca's Boutique and "Sparkalicious" by L'Oreal

While perusing through local boutiques near my University the other day, I stumbled upon this jewel of a nail polish at Francesca's Boutique. Francesca's is a boutique that sells cute clothing, accessories, jewelry and a random assortment of odds and ends. 

 I picked this color up because I thought it would be perfect for the winter since it's a dark jewel toned green. I added some glitter to one of my nails to add a little glitz. I love these nails for the holiday season!

Left: "Evergreen" by Francesca's Boutique. Right: "Sparkalicious" by L'Oreal

The color of the green polish is really nice and opaque so you could choose to wear only one coat. However, I like to wear two coats of this (as shown above) to really deepen the color and to ensure that it wears longer and doesn't get patchy. My only complaint about this nail polish is that you have to go back and dip the applicator into the product often in order to get enough polish to coat your nails. 

The drying time of the green polish is pretty normal (from 5 to 8 minutes) whereas the glitter polish dries super quick (about 1 minute). 

Overall, I would say that the quality of the L'Oreal glitter polish is slightly better than the dark green polish, but I would still recommend both if you are looking for a glam Christmas-y look. 

Nail of the Day: "Manhattan" by NYC

  The nails I have been wearing recently for this fall is the color "Manhattan" by NYC ($1.99). It's a deep plum/burgundy color that is perfect for this fall and winter. NYC claims that it has a quick-dry formula that dries "in less than 60 seconds"and contains minerals for your nails.

        While I would say that this nail polish definitely dries much faster than most other nail polishes that I have used, I wouldn't go as far as to say that it dries in 60 seconds flat. However, for the cheap price of this nail polish ($1.99) this product is amazing in quality, longevity, pigmentation and drying speed. Even just one coat of this nail polish is enough to look polished and finished. Two coats, as I have shown in the picture above, just deepens the color. The quality and richness of the color is really impressive and is reminiscent of a higher-end nail polish. Also, the longevity for such a cheap nail polish is amazing as I have found that it lasts up to 3 or 4 days without chipping like most of my middle-priced nail polishes. 

       The size of the bottle (0.33 fl oz) is the perfect size to conveniently throw into your purse for a quick paint job on the go but is large enough so that you get a lot of bang for your buck. The brush applicator is really user friendly and makes the product really easy and simple to apply without creating a gloppy, sticky mess. The packaging of this nail polish is also pretty sleek for such a cheap brand and looks like a cute mini-version of the OPI nail polishes.

Overall, for the great low price I think that this line of nail polishes is an absolute steal and I will definitely be buying more of these in different colors. 

Shop Similar Polishes:

What is your favorite brand of cheap nail polishes?

Nail of the Day: "Classy" by Revlon

Todays NOTD is the color "Classy" by Revlon. It is a dusty rose pinky/peachy-nude color and it is also one of Revlon's newest shades. Revlon recently released this shade along with 19 other colors to celebrate Revlon's 80th anniversary.
Revlon's "Classy" polish on my nails
I have to say that I think this color is so delicate, feminine and beautiful. Revlon gave this nail polish the perfect name. "Classy" is definitely what I think of when wearing this. It looks like a great pinky-nude lipstick, but for your nails. What I love about this polish is that it doesn't wash you out or look dead and boring like so many other nude colors out there.

The consistency of the nail polish is nice, creamy and thick so you could actually get away with wearing only one layer if you wanted an even softer, less pigmented look (I am wearing two coats in the pictures). The applicator was really nice and easy to use and even a person with an unsteady hand will be able to put this on well without getting it everywhere. Revlon claims that these nail polishes have a silk-protein complex that creates healthy, even nails.
The packaging of this product is in Revlon's normal nice glass bottles with sleek, black applicator top. I really like Revlon's packaging, but I think that they could have made the packaging for these 20 new shades a bit more exciting and "limited edition" looking since its Revlon's 80th anniversary. 
This product retails for $4.99 and can be found wherever Revlon products are sold (USA = Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc.) (UK= Superdrug, Boots, etc).

Would you wear it?

Nail of the Day: Blooboo by Model's Own

Today's NOTD is the color Blooboo by Model's Own. It is a bright, milky light-blue nail polish. I really like the color because it is soft and feminine like a more pastel color but is just as bright and eye-catching as a more neon color.

Blooboo by Model's Own

This nail polish is actually a really close dupe to the new super popular blue nail polish called Kutki from the new NARS summer "Thakoon" collection. What's great about this nail-polish is that it is a very similar color, but for a much cheaper and affordable price. (NARS kutki =$18 and Model's Own Blooboo = $8.29)

Blooboo by Model's Own
Kutki by NARS
I was very happy with the consistency of this nail polish because it took two coats to evenly coat the nail with color (normal for good nail polishes) and went on easily with the applicator. It wasn't splotchy, too thin, or too thick like most cheap nail polishes. 

Model's Own is a cheap, good quality nailpolish brand that is sold in the UK and usually retails for about 5 English pounds. The brand can be found in Boots, River Island and ASOS, but if buying from America you can order these online.

Find Model's Own nail polishes at these sites:
What is your favorite nail polish for the summer? =)