New Years Beauty Resolutions

New Years Beauty Resolutions |

I love the "newness" that comes with new years. Like buying fresh new grounds for your coffee machine--new years are refreshing, energizing and serve as a sort of "caffeine" for life. I'm all too eager to cast aside 2014 to see what's in store for this new year. I've found that a great way to keep resolutions is by committing it to writing. I scheduled and planned a lot of my year out in my new planner and color coded it for organization. 

I'm definitely late to the dance on this one, but I've listed some beauty and personal resolutions for some 2015 booty kicking:


1.) Cleanse that nastiness every night

When the options are 15 minutes of zombie sink time or a fluffy pillow--you know who wins. No matter how tired I am, I need to tell myself to get my booty up and do my skin care routine every night. No more crusty crust eyes to pry open or makeup crime scenes on my pillow cases. 

2.) Wash makeup brushes when they are dirty--not disgusting

My client brush role is always pretty and ready to go yet my own personal set...well, let's just say sometimes it gets out of control up in there. This is mostly due to laziness. My goal is to wash my own personal set at least every 2 weeks using this super easy method. 

3.) Stop anxiety biting 

All it takes is some pensive thought and I look down to nails that magically resemble a chewed dog toy. I've yo-yoed back and forth with successful months of no biting but I really need to commit it to a forever sort of thing. 

4.) Become one with the makeup cheetah

I take way to long to put on my makeup. Simply put. It's all too easy for me to succumb to perfectionism and sit forever agonizing over a cat eye flick or what have you. I've found tricks to speed up my makeup routine but I struggle when it comes to getting ready for a night out. 

5.) Intake water like a normal person

I actually had a kidney infection this year and let me tell you--it was NOT fun. I learned the hard way that if you don't drink, you'll be lethargic, have dry skin, and suffer the consequences of organs that hate you. 


  • + read at least 10 books  + write and publish an ebook
  • +  stop procrastinating about pretty much everything
  • + know that perfection and success does not equal my self worth 
  • + open an online/in-person makeup class + double my social media followers on all platforms + lose my pregnancy weight and maintain a gym regime
  • + learn the stock market 
  • + do more things that feeds the soul and makes me happy  + post 4 times a week religiously + keep a clean house on the regular + reorganize, declutter and simplify closet space, pantry, bathroom (every room of the apartment...) + start a creative scrapbook binder with sections for baby, vacations, random days out + become a more positive thinker
  • + live only in the present--not the past or future


Do any of my beauty and personal resolutions resemble your own?