Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Nicole is one of those people. The type of person whose kind spirit fills a room with joy and spreads like wildfire. And although she is UBER-talented and could justifiably scream it from every Sound of Music mountain peak, she's humble too--just for the cherry on top. 

Nicole recently asked me to do makeup on her lovely model for her brand, Salty Treasures--a stellar women's fashion line with a specialty in graphic tees, unique handbags and one of a kind jewelry. I've mostly done makeup for formals, proms, weddings and other special occasions so a photoshoot for a fashion label got me pretty riled up.

For the makeup, I focused on creating a natural, yet still glamorous look to the model. I honed in on the colors of fall to make the look seasonally appropriate and bring a radiant warmth to her face. I used browns, golds and mauve shades to accomplish this. 

I am so impressed by the results of the photoshoot and the (also super talented) photographer, Stephanie Acar. She really brought the photos to life. I love how she really channelled the warm tones of the makeup into her shots and captured the model and fashion pieces in a natural-looking, non-pushy-advertised way. (Not a word but let's just roll with it). 

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

If you would like an in-depth makeup tutorial on this look on my YouTube Channel, comment below! If you would like to book me for any makeup service in the Jacksonville, FL area, checkout my list of services/pricing under the "contact" section of this blog. 

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Also, don't forget to follow the lovely photographer, Stephanie Acar for more beautiful photos. 


Modern-Day Cinderella

This past week I did the makeup for a very unique photo shoot. The photographer, and my friend, Karissa Jobman came up with the concept of a modern day Cinderella. This instantly sparked my interest and a number of makeup looks came to mind. 

At first the photographer and I were going to use multiple looks (one for the "slave" Cinderella and one for the princess Cinderella), and shoot over the course of several days. However, we realized that we both had too many time constraints and so I came up with the idea of a look that could transform and be very versatile. I found a way to make it not too prim and glamourous for a "slave" but not too dingy and dirty for a princess. 

I wanted to emphasize the model's eyes because they were one her best features. I made them look smokey and almost ashen as if she has been cleaning around a fire place. I used a dark fuchsia color on her lips to play up the regal side of Cinderella, but to also draw attention to the sadness she feels as the slave of her step family. 

Her dark eyebrows give her an editorial look that is great in photographs. To counteract the sharpness of her eyes and eyebrows, I used a light pinky plum color on her cheeks. I also used this to contour her face and to emphasize and lift her cheek bones. I started the blush on the back of her cheeks instead of using it on the apples of the cheeks. Also, by contouring her face with bronzer it brought definition and shape to her face. 

I had a lot of fun doing the makeup for this photo shoot. I got a chance to use my creative license to create a look that was a unique concept. The photos turned out great and I loved working with Brianna (the model) and Karrisa (the photographer). I hope to be able to collaborate with them again! 

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