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ewelry Storage & Organization Tips |

I finally found the perfect method to store my jewelry. Finding a great storage and organization solution has drastically dropped my time spent hunting for missing jewelry or finding myself yet again detangling a billion necklaces and earrings. I can now find and pick out what I want to wear with ease and have it double as a cute display piece too. 

Depending on your space and how much room you have, you might want to organize your jewelry in a specific way. There honestly aren't any rules--it's what works best for you, saves you the most time, and of course looks the most attractive. The tips below are what I've found works for a variety of different set ups and space limitations. 

ewelry Storage & Organization Tips |

J E W E L R Y   S T O R A G E   &   O R G A N I Z A T I O N    T I P S:

S T O R A G E:

1.) Recycle & Re-use- Your jewelry storage system doesn't have to be expensive. I make it a practice now to save any old cardboard jewelry gift boxes, shoe box lids, the glass containers of used candles, or anything that I can re-use or re-purpose into a storage unit or divider. You can even use paint or duct tape to make them all look universal and the same color. This is a great way to save money and time.

2.) Use the internet to your advantage- I have found so many useful (and cheap!) storage systems by simply searching it online. Websites like Amazon and Etsy are a God-send and make finding anything you need a cinch. I found my hanging jewelry wall display after only a few clicks on Amazon. Online searches give you the power to find exactly what you want at the price you want too. 

3.) Think about what will store the most using the least space- This should be the key factor and consideration of any truly useful storage system. I love how my hanging wall display is so utilitarian since it can hold anything from earrings, to bracelets to necklaces. This makes it so much easier to quickly find what I'm looking for. I can even pair matching jewelry together to create different looks--just with a mere glance. Having the majority of your jewelry in one or two places is ideal to cut out the clutter and save you room. 

4.) Go on the hunt- I know it's sometimes hard to fight off the feeling of needing to find everything you need at once. I'm telling you though that it's most often worth it to wait it out and find storage items you truly love at a great price and can use for a long time. You might even find the perfect storage item by accident this way. I found the perfect drawer organizer on a random trip to Target when I wasn't even thinking about my jewelry storage. 

5.) Store it where you get ready- If you typically get dressed and put on your makeup in front of a vanity in your bedroom (see mine here), store your jewelry in or near that area. This way, everything you need to get ready every morning is located in one, easy to find place. I guarantee it will chop your morning routine in half. As a general rule though, try not to store jewelry (or makeup) in a bathroom. The heat and steam from the shower will cause your jewelry to tarnish and dull and make your makeup products grow bacteria. 

6.) To display or not to display?- Before investing in any jewelry organizer, you should decide what your room allows space-wise and plan accordingly. If you already have a million picture frames and hanging displays on your walls, then a hanging wall organizer might not be the best match. It's all about keeping things organized, neat and attractive to the eye. 

O R G A N I Z A T I O N:

1.) By color- I like to arrange things based on what is the most visually pleasing while useful at the same time. Organizing jewelry by color will help you to quickly choose and pair the jewelry that matches your outfit or mood for that day. 

2.) By expense- I don't personally like to keep my expensive jewelry out on display--I would rather save it from damage in a more enclosed and protected space. I keep all my nicer or more sentimental jewelry tucked neatly away in a great jewelry organizer I found at Target. I keep my cheaper jewelry on my hanging wall display where I can easily get to it for every day purposes. By keeping them separate, I can easily find the jewelry that I would rather wear for special occasions while knowing it's kept safe. 

3.) By set- If you have a lot of jewelry that comes in sets (matching earrings, bracelet, and necklace, etc.), then it's a great idea to keep them together. This will save you the hassle of looking for or losing pieces to the set all the time. I keep some jewelry sets in the little dividers attached to my jewelry organizer from Target. 

4.) By jewelry category- Keeping jewelry together by category (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) will help your eye to glance over your collection and find the type of jewelry you want to wear right away. That way you won't have to waste time searching for earrings tangled up in your other categories of jewelry. 

5.) By size, shape, length or durability- Jewelry of the same proportions stores much better together and will give your collection a seamless, neat and sleek look. If you are looking for a long necklace to wear for example, it helps to have a section where you keep all your long necklaces. That way, you automatically know where to look instead of misplacing things. 

ewelry Storage & Organization Tips |

ewelry Storage & Organization Tips |

ewelry Storage & Organization Tips |

What are some of your best storage and organization tips?