The Pregnancy Tag

I reconnected with an old high school friend recently and when his sweet photographer girlfriend, Katie Hurst found out I was preggo, she called me up and arranged a maternity photo shoot! The thought of a maternity shoot honestly had never even crossed my mind so I was so excited! We went over to a cute local park and shopping center and had a great time snapping photos and talking all things baby.
With all the great photos, I thought it would be great timing to do the pregnancy tag I see cropping up from time to time on all the mommy blogs.
How far along? 7 months
Gender? A little girl!Have a name? Kathleen Elizabeth Mitchell

Maternity clothes? actually! I still can't bring myself to actually take the plunge and admit I'm fat and need some stretchy pants in my life. I never realized how expensive some maternity brands can be and I would only wear them for 2 more months anyways. So far, I've been compensating my growing belly by buying a size or two bigger in regular people clothes! I currently love maxi dresses because they are so comfortable and airy.
Stretch marks? Not yet but I feel they might be coming to get me sometime soon!
Sleep? I've slowly but surely turned into a grandma. By 9 every night I'm usually ready to drift off into lala land. Might as well get my sleep now while I can!
Best moment this week? My baby shower! It was so wonderful to have so many friends and family together. Opening the presents and seeing the cute tiny clothing made having a baby that much more real.
Miss anything? SUSHI COME BACK TO ME. Also margaritas...I miss you too my dear friend.
Movement? A lot of it! I think the female reincarnation of Jackie Chan is living inside of me...she kicks me like a ninja on a mission every morning and every night with some little nudges throughout the day.
Food cravings? Although I felt pretty sick during my first trimester, I always craved grapefruit. In my second it moved on to peaches and mangos and now I just want all the chocolate and icecream in the world. Haha I know...that escalated quickly.
Symptoms? I have a love affair with food!
Belly button in or out? It's still in so far but I can see it slowly beginning to creep outwards to say hello!
Happy or moody most of the time? First trimester was just not fun so I was pretty moody but now I am mostly happy and I already can't wait to pop her out!
Looking forward to? The day of the birth, all of her "firsts", eating the foods I couldn't before, a glass (or two!) of wine, re-living my childhood, and meeting my soon-to-be new best friend. :)

The Lip Product Addict Tag

Lip products might be kinda-sorta-maybe...ok definitely my kryptonite. I just can't help myself and always somehow end up wandering into the lipstick sections of any makeup aisle. My husband, friends and family all know that when I get lost in that section, it's pretty much time to send in the choppers. "STEP AWAY FROM THE LIP PRODUCTS." Down Fido.
Anyways. When I saw that this particular tag was being done by all the cool kids on the block, I knew I just had to do it too. Was I actually tagged by anyone to do this post (as per the rules of tagging)? Hell no but who needs rules when there are so many gorgeous lippies that are craving to be talked about. Down with the system.
I found the questions below from other lip product tags dispersed throughout internet land and added my answers and opinions about each one. I tag everyone to do this tag as well, especially if you are a lip product lover yourself like me! Tag me in your post or on your social media with @beautybooklove or #beautybooklove so I can read yours too!

The Questions:

Favorite Balm/Treatment? Best Eye-Catching Red? Best Drugstore Product? Best MAC Lipstick? The Most Disappointing? Liner--Yes or No? Best Gloss? Something Extra!
Best Luxury Product?

The Answers:

Favorite Balm/Treatment?- My favorite balm for the longest time has been the C.O Bigelow Rose Salve. It glides beautifully onto the lips and I love that the little pot is so cute but holds so much product. The smell is absolutely divine--like you have been whisked away to a rose garden or the fragrant smell of a rose petal tea delicately wafting in the air. I put this next to my bed and apply it every night before I sleep. Even better, it's a multi-purpose product. You can use this to soothe dry cuticles, elbows or any other rough patches on the body. For my complete review on this product, you can check out this other blog post of mine.  Best Eye-Catching Red?- Not only is this bright, rich red eye-catching, but the Lime Crime Velvetine in "Red Velvet" also lasts forever on the lips without becoming patchy or bleeding. This lip product applies wet like a gloss but then dries to a matte lipstick finish. I've put this baby to the test multiple times--through eating messy sandwiches the size of my face, drinking, kissing--you name it! It just doesn't budge. It's literally a miracle in a bottle. It's ever so slightly drying (so that the product can better cling to the skin) but not nearly as much as other products dubbed "long-wearing." I'm looking at you MAC Ruby Woo. Best Luxury Product?- Hands down Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipsticks. I only own one of these glorious, super indulgent and expensive lippies--but trust me its sheer amazingness is worth it. First off, the packaging. Oh my good lordy the packaging makes me feel like the queen regent every time I take it out of my bag. The gold case and its heavy feel is just so luxurious. The product inside is so incredibly creamy and it feels like (not to be cliché) you are literally applying a wad of half-melted butter to your lips. The smell is unlike any other as well and is like freshly picked mangoes. I really don't mind that this has to be reapplied often because as you already know, I live for the moments I can royally lift this out of my purse. No, no peasants I won't be taking autographs.

Best Drugstore Product?- I have been obsessing over the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers! I bought a few when they first came out but never really used them for some reason until now. They apply like a super pigmented lipgloss and dry to a beautiful satin finish. I love their fruity smell and how gorgeously pigmented and long-wearing they are. Coral shades are my fave this summer and so I have been loving the color "Luna" Best MAC Lipstick?- As you can probably tell from the pictures, my MAC lipstick in "Blankety" is very well-loved and I'm down to the nub. I have never suited concealer/flesh toned lips and I usually turn out resembling one of Tim Burton's corpse figures. I love this nude because it has a pink-brown undertone that is extremely flattering and not flat or drained of color. I wear this for both day and nighttime looks so it is very versatile.  The Most Disappointing?- I think I actually liked the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains when they first came out. I've grown to dislike them as time has marched on since so many other better "stain" products have hit the drugstore. I just find this really drying, patchy, and overall not the most flattering on my lips. Liner--Yes or No?- Oh gurllll. YES. My lips are like two insignificant thin lines drawn next to eachother so liner is a must for me if I want to have any sort of shape or volume. Liner also prevents lipstick from bleeding and sliding all over the place on me and helps it in the longevity department too. I  especially love MAC lipliners. The color "Dervish" shown above is one of my favorites since it's a muted pink shade that goes with so many lipsticks. Best Gloss?- I am awestruck by the Maybelline "The Elixir" glosses. If you dumped the product from these into some high-end packaging, I would definitely be fooled. These glosses are SO buttery and SO creamy it's insane. It delivers a beautiful, medium amount of pigmentation and makes the lips look super shiny and healthy. I want to buy the entire line. I just can't handle the amazingness. Something Extra!- I thought I would include a product that is a new-comer to my collection. I recently bought one of the new Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipsticks and love it! I got "Golden Pink", a baby-pink shade with a hint of coral. I love how it applies as a sheer wash of hydrating color that can be built upon to become more pigmented. It's really fresh feeling with its minty smell and flavor. Now tell me your answers to the tag in the comments below! :) GO!

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Fiance Does My Makeup Tag

ssooooOOOoooo....IM ENGAGED! :) I thought that this would be the perfect time to finally do the "boyfriend does my makeup tag" or in our case, the "fiance does my makeup tag". This video was SO fun to film and was a nice change from the usual makeup tutorial! I'll have another video up next week for all of you :) It's not set in stone yet, so if you want to see something in particular just comment below and I'll gladly do it for you :) Much love xoxo