Prohibition Styled Shoot

The sultry mood at Sugar Creek Brewery only intensified with the addition of flares of crimson and warm hues of coppery gold added to the scene. It was just capital sexy, sultry, beautiful baby! This styled shoot was done last year but I never took the time to blog it until now! Mistakes were made, obviously, since this shoot is stunning! The silver lining is that it's still a great time to post it now during the winter season! ;) An incredible team of planners, decorators, artists and stylists came together to create the dark, sexy vibes below. I love the intensity the models brought to the makeup with their intense gazes and confident body language! 


We all wanted to go smoky and vampy for the makeup look - so Skylar's lips were painted a plum-wine burgundy color with golds, browns and black pigments on the eyes.


Planner: Details Wedding Planning Florist: P.A.Reavis Designs , Floral & Event Stylist Bakery: Skys the Limit! Custom Cakes and more Venue: Sugar Creek Brewing Videography: West Mint Media (video link coming soon) Beauty: Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry & Mandi Does Hair Rentals: Cooke Rentals - Cornelius, NC Jewelry: Skatells Jewelers (personal shoutout to Laura Ealy for making that ring hookup happen last second - she's a killer ring maker) Attire: Paige and Elliott & House of Abbeydale

A Charlotte Prohibition Wedding

A Charlotte Prohibition Wedding

A Charlotte Prohibition Wedding

A Charlotte Prohibition Wedding


What a beautiful shoot! Thanks to all vendors involved who made it possible! :)

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Carly + Blake

carly_blake_ido_0716 The Thibault family wedding was just a joy. The bride was a joy. The day was a joy. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G was just filled to the brim with a feel-good, warm and loving atmosphere. They accepted me like family on wedding day and showered me in kindness, compliments and affection and it lifted my spirits so high as I worked on each girl!  

Just see the reaction of the groom below and that will tell you everything you need to know about Carly. She is sweet, poised and mature beyond her years (which I can see would be an important trait, being a university state professional basketball coach)

Take a scroll through Carly + Blake's wedding day below - the pictures do NOT disappoint! So much raw emotion and love were captured and the pictures of the ring-bearer and flower girl are BEYOND adorable! 

T H E  M A K E U P

For the makeup, Carly wanted an effortless, natural look. We went with soft, matte browns for the eye area with a light set of lashes. Rose-petal hues of pink were applied to the lips and cheeks for a pretty bridal flush. 


MAKEUP: Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin Byrum Photography 

VENUE: Carolina Country Weddings and Events 

carly_blake_ido_0015 carly_blake_ido_0022 carly_blake_ido_0030 carly_blake_ido_0046carly_blake_ido_0074 carly_blake_ido_0050 carly_blake_ido_0052 carly_blake_ido_0085 carly_blake_ido_0126carly_blake_ido_0073 carly_blake_ido_0168 carly_blake_ido_0170carly_blake_ido_0155carly_blake_ido_0113carly_blake_ido_0185 carly_blake_ido_0179carly_blake_ido_0251 carly_blake_ido_0256 carly_blake_ido_0257carly_blake_ido_0289 carly_blake_ido_0291 carly_blake_ido_0292 carly_blake_ido_0300carly_blake_ido_0433 carly_blake_ido_0434 carly_blake_ido_0516carly_blake_ido_0518 carly_blake_ido_0534 carly_blake_ido_0537 carly_blake_ido_0539 carly_blake_ido_0540 carly_blake_ido_0607carly_blake_ido_0690carly_blake_ido_0878 carly_blake_ido_0893carly_blake_ido_1032 carly_blake_ido_1092carly_blake_ido_1106carly_blake_ido_1102carly_blake_ido_1098carly_blake_ido_1144 carly_blake_ido_1209


Congratulations Carly + Blake! 

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Julia + Hampton

Julia + Hampton Julia looked like such an angel on her wedding day! I loved the beautiful lighting and the incredible love that their amazing photographer, Ashley Louise shared. Below are some photos and video telling the story of their beautiful wedding day. It was an honor to be a part of Julia's beauty team as her makeup artist! How touching and sweet is the photo of her walking down the aisle?!

- V E N D O R S - 

MAKEUP // Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

HAIR // Ashley Jarnagin

FLORALS // Jimmy Blooms- Floral and Gift Design

CEREMONY // Westminster Presbyterian Church

VENUE // Charlotte Country Club

PHOTOGRAPHER // Ashley Louise Photography 

VIDEOGRAPHER // Matt Rouse Films 

williamswedding-57Julia + Hamptonwilliamswedding-55Julia + Hamptonwilliamswedding-99williamswedding-504williamswedding-467williamswedding-144 williamswedding-305williamswedding-222julia-blog-postwilliamswedding-223williamswedding-875williamswedding-812williamswedding-701 williamswedding-687williamswedding-784williamswedding-1066


Congratulations Julia + Hampton! 

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Anna + Tom

_mg_3347copy As if instantly bonding over our names wasn't enough (I know right?! - it's not every day you hear it anymore...especially a double name), Anna Maria was one of THE most genuine and down-to-earth brides I have ever had the pleasure to apply makeup for. She was graceful, poised and calm in every sense and wrote me the most beautiful, heart-felt emails again and again! 

Her beautiful personality carried over to our trial run, where she sweetly trusted me fully and gave me free reign of the makeup direction! I absolutely loved her strong cheekbones, slender face and big beautiful eyes - so we decided to focus on those areas with feature-enhancing, flattering makeup. For the lips, a beautiful rose-petal mauve. For the eyes, shades of brown and plum with a champagne highlighter lid and inner corner. 

I love how her wedding had a lot of DIY elements - it was stunning and elegant while maintaining the genuine, family-oriented and care-free charm Anna demonstrated. 

View her lovely wedding day below...


MAKEUP: Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

VENUE: Anne Springs Close Greenway Field Trial Barn 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kate from Paper Heart Photography

_mg_3261copy_mg_3360copy_mg_3379copy _mg_3408copy _mg_3407copy_mg_3410copy_mg_3239copy _mg_3236copy_mg_3248copy_mg_3663copy _mg_3674copy


LOVED her cupcake tower (with BACON!) and little succulents that doubled as table numbers and gifts to take home! 


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Jenna + Mac

hughes-197 I swear this bride had the BEST group of bridesmaids ever! All were so full of positive energy and love for Jenna and had fantastic personalities! Jenna was an absolutely lovely bride and her planning skills were ON POINT as she pretty much planned the entire wedding herself, arranged schedules and had every detail in order to perfection. (Wedding Planning in her future much!?) 

I'm so happy to finally put together a snapshot of her stunning wedding day for you to see. I loved the classic, glamorous approach she wanted for the makeup. We did a bronze smokey eye with hues of warm browns and a jet black gel liner. Thank you sweet baby Jesus that she adored blush!!! I think this is one of the more important steps when it comes to bridal makeup. Bridal photographers often brighten photos which can wash out the face unless you are wearing some blush to give you a healthy flush! This bride was super smart and wanted a healthy dose of color - and the photos definitely reaped the benefits! 

Take a look at some of the stunning photos below...


MAKEUP: Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

HAIR: Vanessa of Vans Strands 

VENUE: The Langtree Plantation 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lindsey Kyprianou

RENTALS: Old South Village Rentals 

FLORALS: Gray's Florist 


hughes-3hughes-15hughes-84hughes-160hughes-173 hughes-133hughes-141 hughes-154 hughes-230hughes-632hughes-626hughes-301hughes-603hughes-339hughes-376hughes-319hughes-446jenna-shaw-2hughes-1hughes-585hughes-601



Congratulations on a beautiful wedding, Jenna and Mac! 


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2017 WeddingWire Couples Choice Awards® Winner!

WeddingWire Couple's Choice Award Winner So thrilled to announce that we are a 2017 WeddingWire Couple's Choice Awards® winner! 

The WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® recognize the top five percent of local wedding professionals on WeddingWire who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. Winners are determined by reviews from over a million WeddingWire newlyweds! 

I was crossing my fingers that I would be on the list this year - as many of you know, my family and I moved more than twice in the past 2 years and I was afraid of restarting my bridal makeup business from scratch in a new city. I worried about everything under the sun but ultimately realized that hard work, passion and a little belief in yourself can move mountains. This isn't just a "job" to me. Being apart of the most special day of so many women's lives brings me so much happiness. I love sharing your love stories and getting to know all of you - I love making you feel happy, beautiful and self-assured. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all the lovely brides I had the honor of working with this past year. Your heart-felt reviews and the love you have shown are truly wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to do the job of my dreams! 


Stay up to date with our fun bridal adventures, before/afters + all things makeup via social media: 

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest 


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2016 In Review

2016 in review This year went by in what seemed like a crazed blur. There were SO many changes in our life this year - we went through a lot of personal growth, self reflection, "realizing things" as Kylie Jenner would say...but overall my takeaway from 2016 was to grab opportunity by the horns and take the incredible amount of insight, maturing (I blame parenthood) and lessons I learned from "The School of Life" into 2017. 

One of the things I like to do is to look over the past year in review. Writing them down is therapeutic in a sense and it's powerful to reflect on the experiences you've had, the trips and the people who changed you.

My own 2016 year in review looks a little like this...


  • I killed two birds with one stone and visited Dallas for some work and play! There I took a seminar with Kevin James Bennett, an Emmy-Award Winning Makeup Artist with over 30 years of experience. Watching him work was fascinating and he really knows his stuff. I also got the chance to receive business training with Megan Garmers, owner of MG Hair and Makeup and a Knot Pro Ambassador (top 3% of the wedding industry). She dropped some serious knowledge and reality checks to make us all more efficient businesswomen. The cherry on top was reuniting with all of my best college friends from SMU and going to homecoming with them like old times. The nostalgia was REAL and I was about to cry tears of happiness pretty much the whole trip! 
  • We moved to Charlotte, NC for a promotion with my husband, Scott's work. I restarted my makeup business, we became first time home owners and are navigating parenthood with our cutie patootie bubbie toddler Kathleen. :)
  • I set up my studio! I opened it a few months ago and do trial runs for brides and appointments for special occasion makeup. I've almost got it looking exactly like my dreams but it's still got some final touches in store (which I plan to share on this blog!)
  • I applied makeup for my first advertising campaign! My bread and butter is mostly bridal work, so it was incredibly thrilling to branch out. The makeup was for Scott Clark of Scott Clark Toyota - the final result was over 60 billboards across Charlotte. I was so proud to drive by them and I would be like, "thats MYYYY billboard!!!" and freak out like a total nerd/have a psychotic breakdown every time. I was actually proud of myself - a luxury I rarely allow myself as a perfectionist. 
  • I travelled back to my hometown, Jacksonville to visit family and friends for Christmas. We had an extra treat with my aunt, uncle and cousin staying from England. My aunt is the English reincarnation of me and vice versa - she is my true spirit animal if there ever was one! When you resonate with someone like that, it's pretty hard not to get ridiculously excited when they come to visit! I hadn't seen her since my wedding day so we felt ALL the feelings. 


  • I became my own boss. This year marked the first year that I fully branched out on my own in the bridal business. I'm doing all my own business plans, budgeting, advertising, insurance - you name it and am learning how to be a better businesswoman all the time. :)
  • I took risks. See above and you'll understand. But I also took risks in my relationships this year - I forgave some, let go of others and finally started putting myself out there to meet new friends in a new city. 
  • I got a RING LIGHT!! I know it sounds silly as a personal goal, but it HAS been a goal of mine to up the anti and get professional lighting for my studio and improved before/after pictures. 


  • that I am a people person at heart. While I certainly didn't just discover that I'm outgoing - I mean LOL I never stop talking - I learned how integral it is for my own happiness to get out of the house, engage with people and forge those deep connections and relationships. I truly crave getting to know people, learning of their strengths, desires, struggles...I learned from balancing motherhood and being your own boss that it can get pretty lonely out here adulting. I'm so much happier when I'm actively participating in the story of others, and they in mine. 
  • how much better I feel when I go to the gym on a regular basis. Seriously! I always feel so much better after going and automatically feel like I've gotten something checked off the list for the day - which is another mood booster. I'm still trying to figure out the best routine but it finally clicked that exercise may not be such a terrible thing and I actually need it to function properly.
  • that it's ok to let go. Let go of people who hurt you. Let go of the past. Let go of trying to please everyone. When you hold on to resentment, anger, fear, sadness--all those negative emotions-- it starts to add up and weigh you down. I've been ferociously holding onto a ball of my own and it's done nothing good for me this year. I'm learning that you have to forgive people not for them, but for yourself. 


I have a lot more in store for 2017 - I feel like this year will be filled with more certainty and confidence. Hopefully I will continue to do a lot more learning and growing too. 



What were some of your own accomplishments in 2016?

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New Beginnings In Charlotte

new beginnings Gotta stretch my typing fingers--it's been a while. There are definitely some cobwebs and dust formulating on the blog, and it has nothing to do with the Halloween spirit. It's time to start blogging again since we have officially made the move and settled down into new life here.

What I mean by here is: we moved to Charlotte, NC. We packed up our lives and with toddler in tow, moved to a new state, became first-time home owners and started new jobs. For my husband that meant a promotion at work (yay hubby!) and for me it meant restart your business from scratch. While my husband's victories are my victories and vice versa, I'll admit I was scared, felt like I was taking two steps backwards, and ultimately fell into the trap of feeling sorry for myself. 

Fast forward three months and I cannot believe how things have changed. Perseverance changed everything. The first few inquiries I sent to clients went unanswered and I was so disappointed. What am I doing wrong? How am I going to set myself apart from long-time established competition? Some days I would feel on top of the world, like I had finally figured out the "secret recipe" to success. Other days felt like I was desperately and completely failing. After continuous mental pep-talks to myself (and from family: thanks dad), I finally allowed myself to see my own small victories. Focusing on the little failures proved to be the big thing holding me back.

Each time I got back up I felt more sure of myself, developed new goals and strategies and saw more business than I ever thought possible in such a short time. I've booked multiple weddings for this year (and next!), teamed up for a stunning styled shoot to be submitted to some BIG magazines and blogs, and actually had a (happy) mental breakdown when I saw my makeup work displayed on over 60 Scott Clark Toyota billboard ads all over Charlotte. 



I think it's normal to feel lost. We all want to succeed--to impress our family and peers, to have people say about us,"Wow she makes a difference. She is extraordinary." I think it's hard to see ourselves in that role and we trap ourselves through the eyes of comparison. We stand in our own way of being great because greatness involves many disappointments, a lot of work, and some luck thrown in for good measure. We don't make the leap because we are too focused on looking down at the cavern below us. "What if I fail?" "What if people think I'm a joke?" We look at people like Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey and assume that that greatness is for others, not me.

Greatness is for you. We've all just gotta make like Dory and "Just keep swimming."


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5 Recent Reads

5 Recent Reads Finding the time to read just didn't happen for me in college. Besides reading for my assignments, I read squat--which is sad for me. I'm a true bibliophile at heart, so basically reading is my jam. I'm pretty highly strung and naturally worry all the time. Reading is therapeutic for me and takes me to different places and perspectives. I feel like it somehow gives me the ability to live a thousand different lives.

Although I'm still a pretty busy bee these days chasing after a toddler and building my makeup artistry EMPIRE  business, I make time to read a little each day. It's so nice to finally read for pleasure instead of having books forced on you about whiny, one-dimensional teens like The Catcher in the Rye. There. I said it. Take that high school English requirement. 

So if you want to read great books about great things, here's a look at my recent reading material in no particular order...

01. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

This is my current read and so far, I'm about a third of the way through. I love how beautiful and descriptive the author describes the scenes and how he ties in the title again and again. Fans of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Magicians would love this book. I love when Fantasy and Science Fiction novelists make their world believable for their readers and tie it to the real world. The main character, Kvothe, (apparently pronounced, "Quoth": weird) is shrouded in mystery from the very beginning which makes for an enticing read. The book includes sinister creatures, magical universities, traveling court musicians, deep romance and an epic story you will get sucked into. 

02. Carrie by Stephen King

While I have grown up watching the fantastic imaginings of Stephen King on screen, I have strangely never read any of his actual books. I wanted a good, classic Stephen King to ground me, so I decided to go the classic route and get his first book, Carrie. Apparently he tried to get it published 30 times before it was finally accepted. 30 times!!! I really liked it and gave it a 4/5 stars on my Goodreads account. As with most book to movie stories, the book was much better. The movie got cheesy realllll quick when it got to the climax at the highschool dance. The book does a much better job developing the Carrie character so that you simultaneously pity and sympathize with her but also revile her gross nature. I currently have Full Dark, No Stars on my to-be-read shelf as my next King. 

03. The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell

I'm so surprised with myself concerning this book. The crime/mystery genre remains to be explored by my eyeballs but I am quickly learning I like it. The story takes place in the 1920's at a New York crime precinct where the main character, Rose, works as a typist. All day long, she records the confessions of murderers and petty criminals alike. One day, another typist named Odalie is hired. She is gorgeous, witty and alluring. The mystery makes itself present as Rose and Odalie's friendship blossoms into something potentially dark, dangerous and murderous. I loved the twists and turns in this novel and how the author makes you question the integrity of both characters and their motivations. The ending was incredible, unexpected and so satisfying. This debut novel is not to be missed! 

04. Slade House by David Mitchell

A classic haunted house/ghost novel with a twist. The story takes place over the course of many years and jumps to the perspectives of several different characters over the decades. This book was genuinely creepy and held me with a supernatural power to its pages. It's a nice short read but I love how the author made plenty of room for rich metaphors, symbols, foreshadowing--all that reading addicts love. This is a must read! 

05. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Reading this book was like reading poetry. The words were blooming with meaning and sentiment and it transported me to 1940's WWII. The perspective jumps back and forth between a Nazi soldier and a blind French girl during German occupation. Their stories eventually intertwine but the author does it in a way that is so clever yet so effortless at the same time. It follows both of their lives, detailing their dreams, experiences and tribulations as the war rips through Europe. I have been recommending this book to everyone--my husband is currently reading it and then I plan on forcing my mom to read it too. Yes, it's that good. 


I'm guessing you can tell that I really like Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Fiction novels. I do want to branch out more so if you have any must-reads for me please let me know in the comments! 

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Decor Inspiration: Pastel Interiors

Decor Inspiration: Pastel Interiors I've had interior design ideas on the mind recently. My parents are currently placing the final touches on a renovation of their kitchen that's taken place over the past several (thousand) months. It's stark white with sharp edges, minimum glitz and a modern overall feel. I often like to think about what I would have done with a (hypothetical) second kitchen to restyle. It gives you the opportunity to show off yet another side of the personality Rubix cube. What I'm trying to say is--I like a lot of different styles and sometimes I just can't choose! 

Pastels are coming in hot for 2016 and I looovvveee it. I would usually associate pastels with old-fashioned granny table cloths but I have seen the light and been inspired (by Pinterest, but still, inspired). 

Decor Inspiration: Pastel Interiors

Pastels pair unusually well with mixed metals and rose hues of copper, geometric shapes, and feminine touches. 

Decor Inspiration: Pastel Interiors

I also never thought that pastels could pair so well with vintage pieces and look so modern at the same time. The key is to incorporate modern art and knicknacks dispersed through the room. The picture above has such a cozy, warm feel. It's kinda hipster-ish but I dig it. 

Decor Inspiration: Pastel Interiors

Bright pops of fun color spunk up a bedroom while the pastels keep it feeling like a calm oasis. Adding lots of textures will create different points of interesting contrast--making sure no part of the room goes unnoticed. 

I'm still imagining up all sorts of interior options for my non-existant house of a thousand kitchens. I'm planning great things guys. ;)


Are you into pastels at the moment? 

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Photo Source: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 

Will you be adding some copper blush to your space? 


Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, ,6  

DIY Mini Flower Buckets + Arranging Tips

flower-header  While spring may not be officially in the air yet, I'm beckoning it over to our household with cute mini copper flower arrangements.

Believe it or not, I made 3 of these bucket babies using under $30. I bought the adorable little copper buckets from the $1 section at Target (if you can't find them, use a copper spray paint to replicate the look). Then I went to the best grocery store on the face of the planet (ahem: Publix) and bought 3 bouquets of flowers for $12! I simply took them out of their plastic and rubber bands and mixed and assorted the flowers to create my own unique arrangements. I bought white hydrangeas, light and dark pink carnations and some greenery to add some life to the bouquets. 

This is a fantastic budget little project that takes hardly any time and lets your creative juices flow. I love the idea for small apartment living, college dorms, the wallet-conscious, or just as an excuse to put cute mini flowers in your home. 

If you're a first-time flower arranger--no problem (to be honest it was my first time too!). Take a read of some of my favorite flower arranging tips and you'll be surprised how well your tiny arrangements turn out: 


  • - play with texture by adding flowers and leaves with contrasting elements  
  • - play with color by adding different flowers of the same color palette or the same flowers of different colors
  • - use flowers of different sizes and heights to create an interesting bouquet
  • - for impact, use a huge cluster of the same type of flowers and soften the edges with big leafy greenery
  • - choose an interesting or modern vase that inspires you 
  • - for single bloom arrangements, use multiple small cups or vases side by side 



- mini bucket 

- fresh flowers of your choice (I used white hydrangeas, light and dark pink carnations, 

- water-soaked flower arranging foam or tape 

- scissors 


step 1-2 flowers 


Place your mini bucket on a hard surface and insert your flower arranging foam inside* (*I accidentally purchased the wrong type but you should get some appropriate for fresh flowers that soak up water--it's usually green). If you don't have the foam then you can use tape to make a grid over the mouth of the bucket, then insert flowers into the holes to balance them. 


Cut the stems of the flowers to the appropriate length so that the heads are the only thing peeking out the bucket. Insert the stems into the flower arranging foam and arrange them across it as you please. 



Once you finish arranging your flowers, place them down the center of your dining table, sit them on the coffee table as a small centerpiece or let them soak up the sun on a window sill. 


Will you be trying out this DIY project? Have you ever arranged flowers before?



How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress

vintage-final-1  Visions of Great Gatsby charm and Breakfast at Tiffanys elegance dances in my head when I think of vintage makeup and style. Hands down, there is no look quite as glamorous and feminine. When Eliza J Dresses* asked me to create a makeup look inspired by their gorgeous line of vintage style dresses--I accepted the challenge with a clink of a glass and a devilish wink (okay...I really didn't but it was this epic Leonardo DiCaprio version in my head.)

Perusing through, I was immediately inspired by several of their dresses. I love the modern approach to the classic vintage style. I also like that modern doesn't translate as skimpy or overly sexy here. To me, these dresses pretty much sum up what a hard working, stylish #girlboss would wear. 

The three gorgeous dresses below inspired me to create a makeup look that incorporated beauty from the 1920s and especially the 1940s. I created a look using neutral colors on the eyes and a bold pop of crimson on the lips. The makeup look I created is versatile and could easily compliment any vintage outfit regardless of color, length or style. 

How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress |


How to create this vintage makeup: 

How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress |


Start with a clean face. Prep the skin by applying a facial moisturizer, eye cream, primer--anything your skin needs to look and feel its best. Apply your foundation with a beauty blender or your favorite foundation brush. Next, dab concealer in an upside down "V" motion under your eyes and blend to cover any dark circles. Fill in your brows with a brow powder or pencil. To ensure your makeup sits on lockdown don't forget to set your face with a setting powder. 


Prime your eyelids then apply a wash of a medium-brown eyeshadow all over the lid and in the crease. This can be messy at first and then blended out. 

How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress |


Using a flat shader brush or fluffy blending brush, pat a darker chocolate brown color all over the lid space and blend to create a gradient with a smoked out effect.


Line the upper lash line with a black kohl pencil. Use an angled eye brush or small eye makeup brush to drag the color into a winged shape. Then take a black eyeshadow and press on top of the black liner. Use upward flicking motions with the brush to create the appearance of a smoked out liner. 

How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress |


Taking the same mid-toned brown color as we started with, lightly sweep it under the bottom lash line. Take care to blend it out into a smokey effect. 


Apply your favorite pair of false lashes. To get the vintage look, I recommend ones that flair out on the ends like the Ardell Demi Wispies. Once the glue is dry, go back over the band with your black liner to conceal it. Warm up the eyeshadow by applying a burgundy shade or red-toned brown into the outer corner of the eye. This will deepen the eyeshadow and make them look more dimensional. 

How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress |


Contour the hollows of your cheeks, jawline and temple to slim the face and add some color. For a more day time appropriate look, lightly bronze the face with your favorite bronzer in spots the sunlight would naturally hit it. 


Sweep a pink blush towards the backs of the cheeks--right above where you contoured out your hollows. Lightly apply a champagne colored highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones for a soft, beautiful glow. 

How to Style Makeup For a Vintage Dress |


Mix a plum hued-purple and vivid red together to create a deep crimson color (or if you have a crimson shade just apply that). Line the outside of your lips with a deep burgundy or plum lip liner. 

You're finished! Throw on your vintage inspired dress and head out looking like a million bucks! 


Which dress from would you pair with this vintage makeup?


  * This post is sponsored c/o For more information, please visit the "disclaimer" section of this site.



Do you ever have a hard time getting everything done each day?



Healthy Fruit & Nut Power Oatmeal

Healthy Fruit & Nut Power Oatmeal | Mmm oatmeal. A hot, toasty breakfast for cold winter mornings. This healthy power oatmeal is satisfying and luxurious without paying a tax to your waistline. 

Every time I have lost a substantial amount of weight I have started off the day with this oatmeal. It's delicious, healthy and keeps hunger pangs at bay until lunch time so that you're not snacking on junk throughout the day. It's also a fantastic way to get carb cravings under control straight upon waking up. I use it as my fuel source to power me through the day and then have vegetables and proteins for the rest of my meals. This way, I can burn those carbs throughout the day and end on a light meal that won't just sit in the stomach and become fat in sleep. The natural high fiber content promotes a healthy digestive system and kicks your metabolism into hyperdrive.

Weight loss isn't the only perk of this oatmeal and it contains some awesome health benefits:


Oats- have been found to boost appetite-control hormones and boost immune system defenses. 

Raisins- are a good source of iron, fiber and potassium. 

Walnuts and almonds- walnuts are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, help reduce stress and can help prevent breast cancer. Almonds are linked with reducing heart disease and protect you from diabetes and cardiovascular disease. They also improve blood fats and help you lose weight. 

Flax Seeds- high in fiber and omega 3 fatty acids, flax seeds have cardiovascular,anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. 

Fruits like bananas and raspberries- Bananas have a lot of potassium in them and raspberries are filled with healthy antioxidants. 

Honey- prevents cancer and heart disease, improves recovery time for athletes, a natural bacteria killer, soothes coughs and sore throats. 

Healthy Fruit & Nut Power Oatmeal |

If you have weight to lose this new year, this healthy breakfast will start you off on the right track each morning:


[yumprint-recipe id='2']

Will you be making this healthy oatmeal? What do you like on your oatmeal?



New Years Beauty Resolutions

New Years Beauty Resolutions |

I love the "newness" that comes with new years. Like buying fresh new grounds for your coffee machine--new years are refreshing, energizing and serve as a sort of "caffeine" for life. I'm all too eager to cast aside 2014 to see what's in store for this new year. I've found that a great way to keep resolutions is by committing it to writing. I scheduled and planned a lot of my year out in my new planner and color coded it for organization. 

I'm definitely late to the dance on this one, but I've listed some beauty and personal resolutions for some 2015 booty kicking:


1.) Cleanse that nastiness every night

When the options are 15 minutes of zombie sink time or a fluffy pillow--you know who wins. No matter how tired I am, I need to tell myself to get my booty up and do my skin care routine every night. No more crusty crust eyes to pry open or makeup crime scenes on my pillow cases. 

2.) Wash makeup brushes when they are dirty--not disgusting

My client brush role is always pretty and ready to go yet my own personal set...well, let's just say sometimes it gets out of control up in there. This is mostly due to laziness. My goal is to wash my own personal set at least every 2 weeks using this super easy method. 

3.) Stop anxiety biting 

All it takes is some pensive thought and I look down to nails that magically resemble a chewed dog toy. I've yo-yoed back and forth with successful months of no biting but I really need to commit it to a forever sort of thing. 

4.) Become one with the makeup cheetah

I take way to long to put on my makeup. Simply put. It's all too easy for me to succumb to perfectionism and sit forever agonizing over a cat eye flick or what have you. I've found tricks to speed up my makeup routine but I struggle when it comes to getting ready for a night out. 

5.) Intake water like a normal person

I actually had a kidney infection this year and let me tell you--it was NOT fun. I learned the hard way that if you don't drink, you'll be lethargic, have dry skin, and suffer the consequences of organs that hate you. 


  • + read at least 10 books  + write and publish an ebook
  • +  stop procrastinating about pretty much everything
  • + know that perfection and success does not equal my self worth 
  • + open an online/in-person makeup class + double my social media followers on all platforms + lose my pregnancy weight and maintain a gym regime
  • + learn the stock market 
  • + do more things that feeds the soul and makes me happy  + post 4 times a week religiously + keep a clean house on the regular + reorganize, declutter and simplify closet space, pantry, bathroom (every room of the apartment...) + start a creative scrapbook binder with sections for baby, vacations, random days out + become a more positive thinker
  • + live only in the present--not the past or future


Do any of my beauty and personal resolutions resemble your own?


DIY Inspiration Cork Board

DIY Inspiration Cork Board | The new dawn of 2015 is fast approaching my friends. New Years resolutions will undoubtedly be made--and many broken. I don't know about you, but becoming a more organized, less slob of a human being is top priority for me this coming year.

I decided to take action and create my own fun inspiration board out of an old cork board I had laying around. It's a fun way to keep yourself motivated, inspired and on track each day. I use it to hang ideas I might use for blog posts, inspirational quotes, reminders, and my home and work to-do list. Keep it by your work desk to easily pin things in arms reach and keep yourself organized with one glance. 

DIY Inspiration Cork Board |


*Note- Do this project on a porch or outside just in case of accidents with the spray paints or glue

DIY Inspiration Cork Board |


Lay down some newspaper or magazine pages to protect the floor or ground outside from the spray paint. Place your cork board in the center on top. 


Shake spray can well then spray your first layer of paint over the board. I chose white as my first layer to act as a base for the more colorful spray paint to go over top. 

DIY Inspiration Cork Board |


Once the first coat of paint has dried for a few minutes, spray your choice of colorful spray paint over top. I waved my hand in zig zagging motions while spraying to achieve a sort of whimsical, cloudy effect with the white. I also splattered some paint in random areas of the board for a cool paint splattered effect. To seal it all in, spray a clear top coat to finish it off. Let the board dry for a few hours or overnight if you have done many layers of paint. 


Once the board is completely dry, measure out your washi tape to fit the length and width of the board. Apply a Krazy glue pen or wood glue to the borders, then lay your washi tape over top. Press on it with your fingers to ensure all parts are sticking. If you try to lay down the tape with no glue, it will fall off too easily. 

DIY Inspiration Cork Board |


Spray the back of your mini chalk board with spray adhesive and lay it down wherever you want on the cork board. Press down on it with your fingers to ensure it sticks well. I use my mini chalk board to write down reminders for myself that I want to get done that day. 


Use fun pins or adhesive dots to stick any sort of papers or pictures to your board. I chose fun Nate Burkus push pins to match the metallic look and feel of my board. 

If you're looking for more DIY awesomeness, take a peek at my DIY Pinterest board for lots of fun ideas:  Follow Anne-Marie Mitchell's board DIY on Pinterest.

Are you going to make your own inspiration board? If you do, tweet me what yours looks like at @amitchellblog or tag me on instagram: @annemariemitchellblog or #annemariemitchellblog. I would love to see your version! 




Winter Wishing

Winter Wishing | Tis' the season to make wish lists and ohhh boyyy do I have some pretty little things I'm drooling over. Spruce up your wish list and take a gander at some of the things I'm wishing for this winter. Oh, and I also might have thrown in a free printable wish list for you too. 

Sonia Kashuk Holiday Limited Edition All That Jazz Brush Set ($34.99)

Like I really need any more brushes--but anything gold, rose gold, or just general gold-ish in color speaks to me. Just $34 bucks for ten gorgeous brushes which look fit for royalty? Yea. the frantic red head stalking the aisles of Target. 

Pocket Posh Coloring Book ($11.92)

I would say don't judge me but honestly...I'm already judging myself. I say YOLO though. I absolutely LOVE this concept of an adult coloring book. It's great for the artsy fartsy, those who love to doodle or if you're just plain overworked and want to take a breather. I can't wait to snatch this baby up and color in all of the different designs on each page. My markers and gel pens are chomping at the bit. 

Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask ($92.00)

Very recently I started a few little anti aging steps in my skincare routine for preventative measures (aka the baby keeps me up at night). This Black Tea Mask is one of the new items at Sephora and looks like the perfect pick me up for tired skin. An intense moisturizing overnight treatment, it "works in sync with the skin's natural nighttime recovery process to achieve a lifted, firmer look by morning." I love that the Sephora website describes it as having a "corset-like" effect. 

Flash Tattoos ($22.00)

I know these aren't exactly a new concept anymore but I'm still dying to try these out. They just got these in at Sephora and I'm so excited to peruse through all the designs and choose some. I love that they have a metallic shine that gives it the look of jewelry all over the body. 

Alex and Ani Mermaid Bangle ($28.00)

I'm not usually one for charm bracelets but I got one as an early Christmas present and now I'm hooked. I love that they are bangle style with one charm on each so you can stack them up your arm. I think its a more adult approach to charm bracelets instead of attaching a zillion charms to one (I'm looking at you Pandora). Of course, to each his own though. I'm itching to collect quite a few, but the next one I'm eyeing is the mermaid bangle. The Little Mermaid (and all mermaid lore for that matter) was my boo thang back in the day so there is a sense of nostalgia there for me. Also I'm biased with my red hair. 


Free Printable Wish List

Free Printable Wish List

What items are you currently coveting for your holiday wish list?